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By CondoAssociation.com • December 17, 2015

NJ owner finds it near impossible to get elected to board

condo-board-elections-rigged.jpgHow are people supposed to get elected to the board when the elections are fixed? That's if they actually have them.

In response to a comment I made on another question where I explained this issue, someone suggested that I get on the board if I don't like a situation. But how? I was just going through old paper work. There are actually at least 3 people that were prevented from being on the board due to illegal elections.

We went about 5 years without elections at one point, and they still tend to be sporadic. They try skipping them until someone points out they are past due. In one case, a person was purposely left off the ballot, in another the person was elected, but kicked off when he tried to do the right thing.

In general, the elections are fixed as they are open written ballot and there is strong evidence they are manipulating the results. At one point, others did get on the board, but gave up as they were relegated to the seat warmer position. They had no say and were only treated abusively by the 1 person in control.

The complex is mostly moderate income owners who can't afford a lawyer to fight it. People don't even vote anymore because they know it is pointless. The current regime will make sure the people they want are 'elected' by whatever means necessary.

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