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OK mother and son being harassed by HOA president


I have spoke to only two seperate attorneys regarding constant problems my mother and I have had since the most recent president of HOA was elected about 2 years ago.

My mother is a homeowner, she has served as the treasurer of the board, she also was the pool supervisor for a few seasons, and she did whatever was needed to be done to help the association, from cleaning up dog waste to planting trees, answering the phones and showing potential new residents around the complex .

It was been her home since 2006, and her community was her life. She has never been late paying her dues and special assesments.

That being said, over the years her mother in law became terminally ill and my mother had temporally relocated to help care for my grandmother. When she passed, my mother was asked to stay at her late mother in laws on a more permanant basis.

Well she had to step down and resign from the board as she could no longer could handle all the extra responsibilty. I have been taking care of the condo, maintaining its appearance and politely establishing my own relationships with neighbors in the same building, as well as residents throughout the complex.

So It seemed inevitable that the president and I would have several conversations about the integrity and appearance in general to the numbers (profit/loss). Always spoke to him respectfully if or when I had questions, but a couple incidents would change my quality of life substantially.

After the previous president passed away, there was a middle aged couple that had been evicted from the complex and no longer allowed to lease any unit within the complex for reasons I'm not aware of. This particular couple made their way back into complex and they were my new next door neighbors.

They have made more complaints against me and called the police on me more than I've ever had in my life as an adult. For example, my mother and I were thinking about renting the unit out for a while, and one evening we were changing out the locks on the mailbox and next thing I know 5 police officers were banging on our door and treating us like criminals. (The neighbors called in a burgulry) WTF?? No charges filed.

Also, it seems the neighbors built a rapport with the president and in due time the president would call my mother and tell her he is calling the police because their is a continual problem in her condo. Never specified the problem, but he threatened calling police because "your son has no buisness in that condo". He threatened her with placing a lien on the condo and pursuing foreclosure because their were $27,000 fines and violations against within about a month.

I was banned from the property and advised they would seek criminal trespassing charges if I was seen in the complex. But at the same time, no warning of a $2,500 dollar fine everytime I was seen. We were fined for changing out mailbox locks - the list goes on.

Other than being a prisoner in my own home,my mothers home, I have had false rumors spread about me by the president himself. In a voicemail he left my mother in which the genius forgot to hang up the phone while he said things to the neighbor (renter) inside the office (homeowners only) saying he doesn't need problems, telling the neighbor "your family is more important than his" WTF!

Continuing to tell the neighbor that I'm mentally off, I'm a head case, while the neighbor says I have a white girl a black guy and a Mexican that do not speak English, all living with me which was not true at all.

By the end of this disturbing voicemail the president went on to say 'you know why he carries that backback dont you"? "He's slangin out of it" suggesting I'm dealing drugs.

I have spoke to a couple attorneys about the harrassment, the fines, the suffering I've endured, feeling trapped inside my home in solitude, going crazy.

The president left a message he was aware would be recorded (VM) - we didnt seek out to secretly try to capture something he did. He did that all on his own. This voicemail is powerful enough to make him lose his position and power as president, and even strong enough to clear up the discrepancies with the $27,000 in fines and violations, not to mention that if the right attorney would take our case, I feel we would even be able to file suit against him or the HOA for causing several mental health problems, anxiety, stress, depression etc.

My only worry with having a attorney represent us in this matter is that I fear it is going to boil down to who has more money to win in court. Maybe tha'ts my pessimistic way of thinking.

Please, anybody with any good points or comments, advice or anything - I would really appreciate it and so would my mother. 

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