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Parking issue with HOA?


This question is submitted by Sophia T out of NJ.

We own a 3 bedroom condo unit & own 2 vehicles. Since living here (10/2019) we have parked one of the vehicles in whatever space is available for guests or contractors. Our other vehicle is parked in the space that comes with our unit. The super told my husband it was ok but recently the property manager called and threatened to tow our vehicle saying it was unlawful for us to park. The issue is the threat of towing. Then a note was left with the doorman telling the doorman if they see that vehicle parked anywhere on the premises (except our paid spot) to call him the property manager no matter the hour. The note only named our apartment but we were told by the property manager that it is a rule for the entire building of unit owners with more than 1 vehicle. We know that is not correct. He also told the doorman that if we have any visitors coming to see us day or night to call him first. I see other tenants parked in these spots that the property manager is talking about. Why is our unit singled out? I considered that a form of harassment if we have a visitor & a phone call is made to the property manager about someone coming to see us & won’t be able to use a guest parking. I need to know what would be my next steps? I just want to file an harassment on this property manager & need to know how to go about it.


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