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By CondoAssociation.com • April 20, 2018

How to get a Radon detector installed?

We are currently a five home HOA with two vacant lots that are for sale in Michigan. Some of the homeowners (me included) have completed testing for Radon and have above EPA standard levels (mine was twice the standard). I've sought out a contractor to install a mitigation system and submitted a request to the BOD's March 22, 2018. The President has to (by direction of the developer) submit this to the developer for final approval. Currently, he is on vacation and said he would check his emails when he had a chance. As of this date, I've heard nothing about this! How long does one have to wait for the developer to respond before one can proceed with having this system installed.
This developer is a VERY hard person to deal with and threatens anyone that doesn't abide by the bylaws. I got caught up in a situation a while ago and he's threaten me with litigation but so far he's only blown smoke! Taking everyones best interest into consideration, I've not taken any aggressive action to go against the grain and have this system installed. But as a developer, he's not doing his "due diligence" in preforming his "fiduciary duties". Is there anything we as homeowners can do to get around this despicable person? If so, what steps should we be taking. Thank you in advance for any and all advice that might be shared with us.
I should add that the reason the developer is against any exterior modifications to the houses. That is why he got upset last year with me when I had brick pavers installed on each side of the driveway to make it more compatible for my wife to get in an out of our car in the winter time after suffering a stroke earlier in the year and still not quite stable when walking. Our young great grand daughter lives with us and I don't want to see any long term affects from Radon bothering her due to the cancer risk that comes from the exposure to this dangerous gas.

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