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By CondoAssociation.com • August 7, 2019

Should I have to pay HO6 insurance deductible for water damage?

My neighbor (town-house community) had a slow leak from pipes in an adjoining wall. The water came through to my unit causing damage to the wall (water marks) and a wet, moldy carpet padding. The master insurance policy is covering the repair to her unit and to mine but apparently are expecting both of us to pay a deductible. Am I wrong in believing that I should not be responsible for payment of a deductible since it was not my leak that caused my damage? The water break from the unit next door leaked through my walls to my unit causing a replacement of flooring as well as water remediation services. I am now being charged with a portion of the master policy deductible. My HO6 deductible is over what the HOA master policy is saying I have to pay. Can I file in small claims court to the originating unit owner to recoup the money the HOA is charging me for part of the master policy deductible?  South Carolina

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