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Should the HOA be taken to court for harassment over a washing machine?


This question is submitted by Donna V. out of California

I had a washer and dryer in my unit when it wasn't legal. I removed it over 7 years ago. A few months ago the office manager came in my condo and checked every inch. Then I had an issue with water on my floor that went to the below unit. I said I would pay to fix the ceiling in the below unit. 

I went to the board meeting and the board of directors that wasn't elected said he didn't believe that the water filter that I was filling but didn't realize wasn't turned off caused the issue. He felt I still had a washer and dryer. I stated I don't have one now. The HOA letter stated that and issues will be mine because I have a washer and dryer. I wash my clothes at my mom's house for a long time now. 
My question is the next time the below unit has the pipes clogged and they tried to send me a bill, should I take HOA to court over harassment? 



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