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By CondoAssociation.com • May 5, 2018

How to deal with mosquito problem

I live in a downstairs condo. I always have tons of mosquitoes on my front door screen and need to spray before I can open my door.

My building has a long hallway that is open to the outside at both ends and an opening where there are trees and shrubs. This open area gets drenched during rains and the carpet gets soaked. The ends of the hall have no carpet but a coating over cement. There are cracks and holes in the coating. It is a long hallway and dark even during the daytime. All of this leads to a breeding ground for mosquitoes

I asked Board if I could put a mosquito zapper by my door. They said, "yes". But then I asked since the hallway is common area, perhaps the Board would purchase it. They did not reply. When Massey came to spray, it did nothing to eliminate the mosquitoes. I asked the man about it and he said as long as we have water, we will have mosquitoes.

What do you think? Should Board purchase zapper or me? Any other suggestions to solve problem?

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