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Can condo owner remodel and force association to pay for it?


I recently bought a unit in a condominium. My new neighbor has been remodeling his unit and opened the walls for this purpose. He discovered many issues with the interior and exterior walls and want to get them repaired and have the HOA pay for them. We are talking about a huge amount of money. Can he force the other units to pay for it? I know, I know, depends on what the CCRs say, but what's the case typically?  The amount of money is exorbitant, more than what a modest house would cost, and there are only 3 units in the building. If the other neighbor agrees to do the repairs immediately, would I be forced to pay an amount that I don't even have? None of these projects are urgent, if I have to cheap in, I would like to do it one by one, over time. Theres any law that would protect me against a decision from my neighbors to do a series of large repairs immediately?

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