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The condo association took away my deeded parking space

Posted by CondoAssociation.com on Thu, May 6, 2010 @ 08:35 AM
Can condo association board change a parking space that was assigned to a specific unit? I just purchased a 3 bedroom unit in this community that I have lived in for five years. In my deed under the clause "one assigned parking space number :------" was left blank. During the closing procedure I asked about the fact that the # is left blank and the attorney said that the community will provide me with the original assigned parking space. Since I lived for 5 years in my other unit that is 50 feet away I knew the exact parking space that belong to my new apartment. Suddenly there was someone else's car parked there. I went to our property manager and asked for my space back and this is where the whole drama started. The space she claimed was "mistakenly" assigned to two apartments and evidently there was a parking issue for 5 years. The apartment that I purchased went in to foreclosure and the board of directors made a decision to assign the space to the other unit owner which is one bedroom unit verses mine a 3 bedroom unit. Their resolution of the problem was to paint one of the guest parking spaces and tell me that that is the one that belong to me. I have confirmed with my neighbors which parking space the previous renters and owners have parked at and they all confirmed that it's the one that the other owner parks at now. Everyone on my side of the building park all around that parking space and the other owner lives in the next entrance of the building far from that parking space. Regardless of any past mistakes made with assigning of the parking spaces it was never a mistake made for my unit's parking but the other one bedroom. Please advise what I can do to rectify this issue. BNGGCZJKG57P

Tags: Parking Issues

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