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Condo association board member removed unfairly

Posted by CondoAssociation.com on Mon, May 24, 2010 @ 06:38 AM

I live in Florida and have been a condo unit owner for seven years, along with being an elected Board Member for four of those years. I have always followed the rules set forth by the condo association (both before and after being elected) and was present at our bi-weekly "workshops" (they call it this so that the meeting schedule does not need to be posted and or owners notified), and present at all "meetings".

Recently, because of the economy, I had to go back to work. This has caused me to miss the bi-weekly workshops - they are held ONLY on Mondays and ONLY @ 11am. I work M-F 9-6. They have asked me to resign stating I am not holding up to the responsibilities the unit owners elected me for. I explained that I am always available by phone should an emergency vote need to take place and I am always home in the evenings should they wish to discuss important issues addressed during these workshops. You would have thought I was asking for the moon when I made this statement.

Recently, my husband placed a box (not crushed or flattened in a garbage bag with other items of garbage). This box was approximately 6x6x12 not really very big, but it was in a garbage bag. One of the condo board members, who has an obsession with all things concerning our garbage dumpster, opened the tied bag in the dumpster to see who it was that violated the rule for not flattening/crushing boxes. I received a certified letter stating that because I broke one of their rules, they were going to repeal my position and would do all that was necessary to have me voted/petitioned off the board.

My question is two fold:

1) Does a person have the right to rummage through a tied garbage bag, in a dumpster, and then use the information found to levy a warning notice or impose a fine?

2) Can such a minor infraction of the rules (not by laws) be used to have me removed from the board?

While I have served on the condo association board, there have been more severe rules violated, such as owners having dogs, leaving/throwing their garbage onto common grounds, throwing parties with alcohol at the pool area, etc...and nothing more than a letter if that was sent. I feel they are using their "powers that be" to have me removed simply because I am unable to attend their meetings that really could be held at a different time. (I am the youngest member) and the remaining members have the luxury of not needing to work. I hope that someone can provide me with an answer to this issue.


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