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I want to request "hardship" to condo association board to rent my unit


I am the owner of a condo in a 62 unit complex. We have a 10% renter policy. We are currently at max with 2 people on a waiting list for about 2 years now. Over one year ago I moved in with my boyfriend leaving my condo vacant. With the property value down, I cannot afford to sell my condo and am upside down in my loan preventing me to refinance and I make too much money for the bank to give me a loan modification. The majority of the homeowners do not want to change our renters policy. I just want to rent temporarily to provide financial assistance until I can hopefully sell. I was told of a Hardship request, which the HOA Board can vote on and make an exception to the current rule. my question is: Does anyone have any information on such a letter or any other suggestions?

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