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Condo Associations and the Importance of Committees


Condo Association committees are important to condo assocations because it gives its members, that may not have the time, skills or desire to be on the condo board, a chance to get involved in the condo assocation in other meaningful ways.

Being part of an association committee can renew a condo assocation member's pride of ownership which will create a stronger condo association or HOA by strenthening the owner's feeling of being vested in the property. A strong sense of vested ownership is the backbone of a good condo association. It's also a good way to pull absentee landlords into participation.

Most importantly, it lets some people other than condo association board members do some work! Let's not forget - being on the condo association board is not always about doing the work yourself. You should leverage committees to get other association members involved.

Some Committees your Condo Assocation or HOA can form:

Financial Audit Committee -
Committee should meet at least once per quarter to review the condo association's financials. Is the condo association spending too much money? Is there enough reserve? Are the condo fees covering the true costs of maintaining the property? A Financial Audit Committee should review the condo budget and make recommendations to the condo trustees or board. This should be done regardless if there is a property management firm in place or not.

Social Committee - Would it hurt to have a drink with your neighbors once or twice a year? A social committee is an easy way to get people involved to do the party planning.

Project Committee - We recently assessed to renovate our lobby and three assocation members that have never been too involved before offered to oversee the renovation and are doing a great job. Most importantly, the are excited about the project and how it will impact the building. Once again, it also gives the perpetual condo board members one less thing they have to oversee.

Security Committee - Is your HOA concerned with crime or liability? A Security Committe should look at the property and things that can be done to mitigate crime or injury that may occur on premise. Recommendations should be made to the Condo Association Board.

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