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Find the right property manager for your association (HOA)


Your association has many important needs. There are budgets, financials, maintenance, capital improvements, and violations. So, how do you select the right property manager for your association?

Selecting a condo association / HOA manager entails many steps:

1) Prioritizing the needs of your condo association / HOA,

2) Developing a simple questionnaire or a full RFP based on your priorities,

3) Identifying 3-4 condo association / HOA property management companies that have a track record in your area,

4) Interviewing the condo association / HOA property management companies, including the specific team that will be handling your association.

A condo association / HOA property management company is an important partner for the quality of life in your association as well as long term property values.

If you would like a consultation with a qualified property manager in your area, please click on the icon below.

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