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Non-residents are using community association's dumpster for trash


As a condominium community we have a dumpster within an enclosure for our residents to deposit their refuse. The enclosure has two large swing gates, one of which is left ajar so that residents can enter the enclosure. There is a side gate that is not in use because the developer, who has been gone for several years, planted large shrubs in front of it and did not bother to put in a sidewalk. The problem we are having is that people from outside our condo community are using our dumpster and on occasion dumping furniture, mattresses, and other large items in the enclosure (they won't fit through the dumpster opening). We have signs posted but of course they are ignored. While I realize that this is not an uncommon problem, I am hoping that y'all can suggest solutions or provide testimony as to what worked for your HOA. Ron - NC

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