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The upstairs dryer heats my unit and my laundry room!


This question is submitted by Nancy A. out of Florida

I live in a first-floor condo that shares a dryer vent with the upstairs owners. My HOA is telling me it's our responsibility to take care of the issue we are having: when the girl upstairs runs her dryer the heat comes down into my unit and heats my laundry room.

I reported this last year and the HOA / Association paid to have it cleaned by two different companies (the first company didn't even come into our unit). The 2nd company cleaned them in January 2023 but now the problem has returned and when they run the dryer the heat comes down into my unit. I contacted the HOA to get it fixed but now they are saying it's not their responsibility, it's ours.

Can someone advise what I should do now?




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