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Townhouse roof replacement by insurance company


This question is submitted by Chris E. out of South Carolina


I have a contract on a lovely townhouse that is insured as an HO6 condo. Due diligence is over and it went well with the owner fixing everything. But, just before closing the HOA did not have a quorum to pass a small assessment to replace the roofs of the townhouses, including the one I'm buying. 

Most other townhouses in the HOA have new roofs that insurance from a claim last year funded. Apparently, the last property manager mismanaged the insurance money and the remaining funds are not enough to finish the last few rooftops. I am concerned that my roof needs to be replaced but the HOA does not have funds to do it currently. 

There are no leaks but there are patches on the roof. What can I do once I own the property to get my roof replaced as the others in the HOA have done?




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