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Water damaged going on 2 Years!


This question is submitted by Melissa H. out of Austin TX. 

We bought our condo two years ago. It is on the top floor. When we purchased the condo, the inspector noticed water damage around the master bedroom window, but nothing was disclosed to us by the owner (we assumed the window was left open and rain came in). About six months later a hard rain came when we were there, and water came pouring down the wall! It was coming not from the window, but above the window. We immediately contacted management who said they knew about this look, but could not find where to fix it on the roof (the roof had been recently replaced after Hurricane Harvey). Our condo is managed by a third-party company that hires the manager who supposedly runs the condo, however, he seems to be more interested in getting the condos rented out via the rental pool. They claim to have brought the roofing company out and added flashing on the roof above our unit. It has been dry for almost a year now with very little rain, so we have not noticed any water coming in. Then this week, we got another driving rainstorm, and sure enough, water came in again. This time my husband talked to the maintenance guy and insisted on going up on the roof with him during the rain storm. He clearly saw a puddle of water that was directly above our unit. There were multiple places where it could be coming in;however, no on is quick to fix it. We have sent out yet another email to the board and management company. Seeing that this is going on two years, I'm guessing my only next step is contacting a lawyer to light the fire under the asses. Correct?



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