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By CondoAssociation.com • November 4, 2019

What pet rules can our condo association establish?

We are having a $1.3 million  renovation project right now. I have an issue that the present board has an unlimited (just changed that recently) weight for pets now, as a matter of fact we have no pet fees at all. I've asked several times about imposing some type of pet fee. My floor looks like a cesspool right now after the years of pets traffic and its not all urine its dog foot traffic. The board said once we install our new security cameras we can fine those pets owners with a fee if their dogs has an accident. I argued we are not going to necessarily see the urine stains for awhile and explained Im not speaking on a fine Im referring to a general pet fee because animals bring a different wear and tear to property. Some owners impose a pet fees in their units however our board continue to avoid addressing it for our common areas. I decided to ask at the next meeting that they formerly vote on it and I will accept their answer but to not avoid or try and side step the issue any longer. Each owner is paying $10k and others a hit more depending on size or parking spaces. Should I also create a petition? . I just want to preserve our property after all of the sweat and tears to get to this point
I also feel once the project is complete the word will get out that our building has been updated and you can bring your pet in without limits of weight and no pet fees. Our build has a majority of rentals, small studios a few one bedrooms  Washington DC
Please advise I'm very annoyed.

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