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Who gets to use handicap parking spaces?


Condo Handicap parking. I am a board member of my association. Each unit has two parking spots, one numbered and car port with door parking. One resident has a numbered spot next to a handicap spot. Both her daughter and owner have handicap mirror tags. Each alternates on parking in handicap spot even though their regular spot is next to handicap and their garage is 10 feet from both spots. They live directly across from this parking area. May be 30 feet of walking to their front door. NO other handicap spots is available on this street of 27 residents. No one else can park in the handicap spot as it is always occupied by the owner or daughter. By Laws state that every owner has two spot, garage and number parking. Can I send a violation notice that the handicap is not a permanent spot and it is for every unit to use. This has been going on for close to a year. I am new to the board and don't like anyone taking advantage by hiding by public parking rules. Comment please. State of Michigan resident

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