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By CondoAssociation.com • February 26, 2017

Who pays for plumbing repairs - HOA or owner?

I wanted to replace my water heater.  The company I hired tried shutting the main gate valve outcome I ended up with NO water in my condo.  He came back today.  However my building president showed him where the main water valve outside was which is a stacked one for 4 floors in my building.  Due to age the water could not completely shut off.  
My guy tried to get to the pipe and because of pressure water came rushing out at him.  Now the Association will have to call their plumber to shut off all the water in our building in order to fix my problem.
Question:  the pipes in the wall are 36 years old and 3 valves need to be replaced due to corrosion.  Who is responsible for the payment?  The Association or myself?   Who is responsible for patching up the wall?  If water squirts out rapidly again and my new floors lift who is responsible Will be awaiting a quick reply

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