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Yard Gone to Weeds, Condo Owner Fears It Is Due to Harassment


Without my knowledge, the president of my association has excluded my lawn from fertilization for the past year. I live on a corner lot which is unusually large and beautiful.

I did complain about a year ago a portion of my yard that was burned badly. I recently found out I was excluded from services for the past 7 years. My yard has been strikingly beautiful. Now my yard is suffering from lack of fertilization.

This is a small complex with only 12 buildings and 2 residence to each building. The president of association lives here and she and I have had issues. She ordered the fertilization company to exclude my yard from services. This is a personal issue. I have been harassed by this association for too long.

My yard, which once was beautiful and admired by all, is now completely full of weeds. I am talking about almost 1/4 acre property.

-Nina in MI

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