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5 Reasons To Get Condo Association and HOA Loans

  1. Condo association and HOA projects to modernize or update the property to stabalize or increase the condo values. These projects often include updating the common areas like lobbies and elevators.
  2. Replacement of building materials to the condo association building or HOA property. For example: new roofs are the most common building materials replacement, another popular one with homeowners associations is the repaving of private streets and roadways.
  3. Construction defects funding from the condo association or HOA developer. Defect litigation can be very costly and could put cash crunch owners for a long time if an assessment is raised to do so. HOA loans are a great alternative for funding here.
  4. Funding of condo association and HOA reserves. If the association's reserves are too low, condo associations and HOA may have no other choice than to fund it. Loans for funding are common practice and can work if the condo association or HOA has good credit.
  5. The purchasing of a condo unit by the association. Often times HOAs and Condo Associations want to purchase a unit for common purposes such as an office or for employee housing for association managers or on-site maintenance workers.

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HOA Loan or Condo Association Loan uses

HOA loans and Condo Association Loans to community associations, condo associations and HOAs are becoming more popular. HOA Loans, also knowns as Condo Association loans are a great alternative to special assessments to condo association owners, because the condo association get the HOA Loan or Condo Association Loan proceeds up front and the HOA loan can be paid off over time, enabling the HOA or condo association to build in the cost of HOA loan into future condo fees or sporadic, smaller condo assessments.

Some uses for HOA loans include, but are not limited to:

  • Purchasing condo units or new property for common use
  • Construction defect litigations against condo developers
  • HOA reserve and Condo reserve funding
  • Condo Association elevator repairs and replacement
  • Condo Association brick re-pointing
  • Condo Association roof replacements
  • new heating and plumbing, air conditions, boilers, windows for Condo Associations
  • Condo Association building lobby renovations
  • HOA parking lot repairs and re-paving
  • Condo building or repairing water, sewer and electricty infrastructure
  • Refinancing of exisiting HOA loans or condo association loans
  • Condo Association building or repair of common areas including community centers, tennis courts, golf courses, club houses, and other facilities.

HOA Loan and Condo Association Loan providers usually work with condo associations to provide innovative HOA loan structures to just about any situation. Other solutions include a Condo Association Credit Lines which HOAs can tap at their discretion to increase their cash flow in the form of condo reserves.



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