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New Hampshire neighbors dispute need for insurance

CondoAssociation.com on Sat, Jul 15, 2017 @ 06:16 AM


I live in a condex where the docs were written over 20 yrs ago - there are no HOA fees or per say for the association. I have lived there almost 5 years there. My mortgage company required a an HO3 insurance policy with a million in liability in order to get the loan. I am on my third neighbor as the first two had a HO3 policies as well as well as many people in the neighbor hood. My new neighbors had to get a master policy and I talk to my mortgage company who told me the HO3 is what they require. I want to get the docs removed from my unit as our neighborhood lives as single family homes.  We have pools, fences,sheds and take care of our own side of the land. My new neighbors want to put a lean on my house for half last years insurance and take me to court for this years master insurance which I already said I would pay have because they will not stop harassing me.  What can be done? What is the NH law on condex insurance with no real association and no HOA FEES?

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