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Condo association has lawyer collecting late fees with no warning

Posted on Thu, Aug 12, 2010 @ 07:10 AM

condo late feesI have been paying my condo association fees by automatic payment for 2 years. It looks like in December the Condo Association set up a special assessment ($70 for 6 months) which somehow I was never notified. Now I got a letter from the attorney that I owe over $1,300 (attorney $525 plus extras fees and penalties). If I don't pay within 30 days they will record a claim of lien against my property. I try to contact the property manager of the association. He doesn't know anything. He sent me to call the lawyer. After 4 days trying to contact the lawyer and explain all the situation nothing change. I don't understand why the condo association never contact me ??? Thank you Gisela

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