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Is condo association or owner responsible for window replacement?

stephen polinsky on Wed, Aug 31, 2011 @ 08:18 AM


I own a condo in Massachusetts and the windows are leaking badly and have caused water damage to my walls and wood floors. The bylaws of our condo association specify the windows are part of the association’s responsibility to repair/replace. The management company will not replace the leaking broken windows or pay for the damage in our unit. The condo management property said we can replace the window at our own expense because they have no money in reserve or budget to do so and will not give a special assessment for windows for the condo building ( many people with same issue with windows they are very old). They will not give an assessment for windows for building because they said that they will get sued by the homeowners. What can I do to get the money back from the condo management property for the windows I not have to pay for to replace myself. We have had a hurricane and a bad ice storm that has made the problem increasingly worst in the past year. A little background info...the management property is owned by one person who lives in the condo building and is also the on site repair man and nothing gets fixed in the building. Legal advise/ or guidance as to what I can do?

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