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Does condo association need to provide notice of new move-in fees?

My condo association gave me a notice on 07/08 stating that on 07/15 they will start charging move-in fees. How long in advance they need to give a notice of changing rules. Also, It was not on my tenants responsibilty to pay the moving out fee even though was not part of her initial lease agreement? 

Can owners take away renters right to lease parking space with condo?

I am a renter in a condominium on Ft Lauderdale Beach. My lease expires on August 1, 2015. Last year my lease included a parking space in the garage and was approved by the condo board. After my lease was approved, the board decided to pass a rule that said no future leases would be approved if they included parking in the garage. I know Florida Statutes 718.106(4); 718.303(3)-(4).) gives the tenant all owners’ rights. It seems to me the board is trying to circumvent the Statute in passing a rule that limits only owners who rent their units. Can the board take away the owners right to lease under this circumstance? Also can they impose a rule like this retroactively on an owners rights?

Can renter be on the condo board?

I am living in a condo as a renter. Can I as a renter, be on the HOA board? My landlord pays the HOA fee. New York.

Can't Florida association interview renter by Skype?

Can a Florida condo association require prospective octogenarian renters to travel from Toronto for an interview when they have volunteered to do a Skype interview or be interviewed by a unit owner who lives close by, even though the Declaration says a personal interview is required

Condo Owners Renting Unit Short Term Via Online Rental Sites

I live in a 16-unit California condo located in a tourist town near the ocean. The CC&Rs restrict rentals to one-year leases.


Tenant's Dog Gone, Odor Remains In My Home

My neighbor rents out her condo and her tenant stored a dog in his garage. The garage wall is shared with my living quarters. A foul odor is coming into my home. He has since removed the dog. My home still has the foul odor and the garage has not been properly cleaned.

The HOA is not following the declarations which states they have to send notices and fine the owner if they fail to clean up the damages. The property manager sent me a letter on behalf of the board telling me to file a claim with my insurance company. My insurance company adjuster said she need to see visible damage.

Can I file an insurance claim against the Board for not following the declarations of our community in resolving resident issues? Do I have to hire an attorney or file in small claims against the owner or the board?

How can I make the owner clean up her side including her drywall, shared wall and the damages to my property? Everyone keeps referring me back to my HOA and they are not doing anything to help.

-Marie in NC


Can condo association charge rental service fee?

Can a condo association charge a rental service fee if you rent out your condo? My association feels that people who rent should pay more 7% more if they rent their unit?

25 of 70 units in condo building are rentals. Too much?

I bought my condo 19 years ago.  There was one rental at that time.  Now, 19 years later we have 25 renters out of a 70 unit condo building.  There is nothing referring to this in our documents as this was never a problem and the furthest thing from any ones mind at the time.  I certainly did not intend to purchase a rental building.

Can HOA board receive kickback from rental companies?

The HOA board in our oceanfront building (condominium) in South Carolina has decided to give annual contracts to several vacation rental companies. The rental companies must abide by certain rental policies or they will not renew their annual contract plus the companies must pay 2% of their gross rental revenue to the board. Is that legal? Has anyone ever heard of this?


Is it legal for condo association to have more tenants than owners?

Our Condo Association registers owner and tenants and we have over 51 per cent tenants. I have been a manager for 24 years. I approached a lady with a dog that was not registered. A Board members said that was against fair housing laws. Is that true?



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