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Can condo association charge renter for water usage?

Can the condo association charge a rental unit an extra fee for Water Usage?

Condo owners renting out bedrooms in our association

There are condo owners in our association that are renting out bedrooms to people. Is this legal? There are people coming and going all the time using our resources and we are paying for the water and gas etc. they are using. The condo owner is making a profit at our expense. They claim these are all relatives. Is there anything we can do?

Can association charge additional fees for renters?

We have a RV land condominium. Many of the owners are now renting their RV lots. Can the Association charge the lot owners an impact fee for the renters?

Can condo association enforce age restriction on renters?

Can an association put an age limit on how old owners can rent to. As an example: Owners who rent can only rent to 25 and older.

What if my condo board won't let me rent my unit?

I am a condo owner in a condo that's been really restrictive on rental units. I work for the government and live overseas. My renter just left and the current house rules allow me to rent my unit for another 1.5 years (36 months max from the time the rental threshold was reached in december 2009). It appears that the condo board is considering changing the house rules over this weekend to keep me from being able to re-rent. I understand that house rules can be changed without a full vote of the membership. My question is: do I have legal grounds to sue for damages if they're changing the rules midstream and causing me undue financial hardship as a result?

Our HOA is our exclusive leasing agent

Our HOA bylaws allow homeowners to rent their units but the bylaws say the HOA Council is to be the sole leasing agent. The owner is to meet with the council, listing their rent requirements, including amount of rent. The Council and the homeowner share in determining if a candidate meets the requirements for renting the unit. We are a small HOA and only have a couple of units that rent out. We have run into difficulties with these same homeowners not paying dues and other fees, and some renters not following the rules and regulations, even after notices. Are there other HOAs out there that are the leasing agent of rentals in their HOA? If so please share any information, advice or comments that might assist this Council in this matter.


Condo association problems with short-term rentals

Our Florida condo association documents clearly state we have a minimum two week rental period. A few owners have for quite some time now rented their unit for one week and even just on weekends! We are an upscale 140 unit seaside complex. These owners advertise as well on quite a few online rental sites - our resident managers as well as Board members - have seen and downloaded feedback on some of these rental sites where their renters gave recommendations such as "nice place, would go back etc. BUT they have also said they were told by the unit owner when they registered at our on site office with our managers to say they "were friends or relatives of the owners" if staying for a shorter time!


We made a condo rule limiting renters.  Can we make it legally binding?

We have well over 10% of rentals. We added to rules and regulations a moratorium of any future non-owner occupied units. It is enacted and shall be enforced until further notice. All owners must legally disclose this to potential buyers. The only exception is for immediate family members of an owner or spouse of an owner. Can we make this regulation legal?

Can we stop families from renting in our association?

Someone writing about restrictions on rentals said their CC&Rs restrict rentals to families. We've been told we can't do this because it is discriminatory. As a result we have been inundated by students from a nearby university renting units who are noisy and disruptive in many ways. We have even been told that we can't restrict rentals to related persons. We do enforce our noise and disruption rules but it is a constant burden on the board. Does anyone have experience with this issue. Ours is a small town house condo complex (less than 20 units) in California.

Can our condo association ban rental units?

What are the consequences of not allowing rental for our units? We have a wonderful situation here with 24 units. Some owners have rented their units and we feel it will destroy the entire development.


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