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Can we stop families from renting in our association?

Someone writing about restrictions on rentals said their CC&Rs restrict rentals to families. We've been told we can't do this because it is discriminatory. As a result we have been inundated by students from a nearby university renting units who are noisy and disruptive in many ways. We have even been told that we can't restrict rentals to related persons. We do enforce our noise and disruption rules but it is a constant burden on the board. Does anyone have experience with this issue. Ours is a small town house condo complex (less than 20 units) in California.

Can our condo association ban rental units?

What are the consequences of not allowing rental for our units? We have a wonderful situation here with 24 units. Some owners have rented their units and we feel it will destroy the entire development.


Can HOA charge rental fee to offset costs?

Is it legal in South Carolina for an HOA to charge a "rental fee"? We are currently upside down in our owner/renter ratio and would like to know if we can impose a $25/month fee to rental units to help offset the expenses to the HOA because of rental issues.

Should condo owners have visibility to leases and rental contracts?

Are owners allowed to view leases and rental contracts of condo members after requesting this via certified letter?

Looking for info on negative impact of renters on condo common areas

Are there any studies on the negative impact to condo elevators and hallways due to renter move ins and move outs?

HOA not enforcing rules causing fears of liability

Can a HOA be sued if they are not following their declaration of condominium?


How long should New York City condo board take to approve rental app?

What is the time frame for the board member of a condo NYC to approved rental application ?


Does ownership held in trust exempt CA unit from CC&Rs?

One owner in our California condo insists that because his unit is owned by a trust, he is not bound by CC&Rs and bylaws.


Condo renter in Iowa irate over fee for new pass

Why do I have to pay for another pass when the wind blew the first one out the window?


How can association in MA force owner to evict a bad tenant?

What remedies are available to an association to compel a unit owner to to remove a tenant for seriously bad behavior, assuming prior notification of problem and repeat of offenses?


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