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Town won't help with noise from 1st floor bar in ME

We're a mixed use building w/commercial area on the first floor and condos on all five floors above it.


Maine condo board refusing to give out financials required by law

We belong to a small, 30 unit, condominium association in Southern Maine. The association board is refusing to release requested financial documents that the Maine Condominium Act specifically guarantees to a unit owner.


Condo owner concerned for health over wall damage

I live on the bottom level of a three level condo building in Stafford ME. There was a leak in my second bathroom which required the condo plumber to cut a hole in the ceiling to stop the leak. A handyman repaired drywall days later. Before the hole was repaired there was a strong overpowering smell of mothballs emanating from the hole in the ceiling that over the next few days permeated unit. I stayed one night in a hotel and informed the condo management of the problem. I also called the EPA, the local Environmental Health Dept. in my area and a private air quality firm. I also conducted research on the internet and the EPA confirmed what I discovered that mothballs are made from a chemical called naphthalene which when exposed over time is a carcinogen. Even after the opening in the ceiling was closed there is still a slight odor of mothball in my home. I have asked condo management to find out the source and try to eliminate the odor but they have not responded. I am concerned for my health and don't know what to do. What are my options? A law suit? Please respond.

Husband and wife double their vote on Maine condo board

I am an owner in a 16 unit condominium in Maine. There are 5 board members. Both state law and our bylaws say that board members must be "unit owners or spouses of unit owners".  At the time of the last election of officers both owners of a single unit were elected to the board of directors. As a result, that one unit has two votes in all board decisions. How should the law and by-laws be interpreted? On one hand the word "or" can be interpreted as meaning one "or" the other but not both. On the other hand, it could mean both. I would be interested in knowing how board members are defined elsewhere.


Maine Condo Association not providing year-round maintenance as is stated in their Bylaws


Maine Condo Association not playing by Condo Act rules

We belong to a small Maine Condo Association consisting of 30 condo units.

The Condo Association Board of Directors is refusing to release requested financial documents that the Maine Condominium Act guarantees to each and every condo unit owner.

What judicial state entity oversees Condo Association compliance with the State Act?


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