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HOA owner sues board for money back

When an HOA Board approves it's own budgets and spends money without approval for capital expenses it selects, does a unit owner sue for their percentage of money back? The only relief allowed by law in MN is for an individual to sue in court for damages that they as an individual have.

Minnesota plumber makes major drain mistake

A homeowner of a condominium in Minnesota purchased a washer dryer for their unit, but after installation found that there was no water source.


Can I hold back fee payments until mailbox is fixed?

My mail is being held at the post office because the manager of my condo association refuses to move the mailbox to a safe secure location for the usps mail carrier.


HOA charging exorbitant late fee

My HOA is charging a $100 late fee on a $255 payment. Can they do this in Minnesota?


Can MN association double fees for renters only?

Our Condo association wants to double the monthly fees for units that are rented. Is this legal?


Insurance question for condos and timeshares in MN

What kind of insurance policy is right? We have 24 units that are the homeowners condominium association, and 18 of those 24 belong to a timeshare and have their own separate association for the timeshares.


Do timeshare bylaws trump 515B in MN?

In MN, if a timeshare bylaws states that there is a forever default proxy to the board of directors unless revoked, does the 515B statute for proxies to be good for 11 months, and no longer than 3 years, take precedence over the bylaws from1982?

What to do about satellite dish in common yard in MN?

One of our owners has plunked a satellite dish in the common yard area of my condo complex. Apparently reception was not good enough from her deck. Don't FCC rules prohibit this?


Can I opt-out of our HOA's new cable deal?

Can I "opt out" of our new cable that condo management is installing (with the approval of our board and they want 100% compliance).  Our dues are outrageous already with few benefits and they will be charging our accounts starting in May. I have already received a "Welcome" letter from this cable company.  Minnestota.


Can condo board implement Comcast agreement without vote?

Can the condo board implement an agreement with Comcast without taking a legitimate vote of the 465 owners (they surveyed 100 random owner during the winter when the snow birds (mostly in Fla.)and then consider it a condo-wide vote? Minnesota

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