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Ex-employee finds legal way out of paying judgment

Our condo association won a judgment against our ex-employee because we didn't feel she should have been paid to work 3 years ago.


Renegade owners sending out official and unofficial minutes

A small group of homeowners have set themselves up as a "board" and are copying the official monthly meeting minutes and sending them out with their own "unofficial" minutes to homeowners, tenants, and relatives living offsite.


How to get floor fixed properly by association

My American cherry hardwood floors have become water damaged at the entrance and in the hallway due to a plumbing issue in my building. Soapy washing machine water has entered my unit on several occasions through my washing machine drainage hole.

The property management group that works alongside the board members told me to send pics and I told them I was getting estimates. They came into my unit and acknowledged the problem.

The problem is that the hardwood floor companies said they can't match the hardwood - it isn't being made anymore and is quite distinct in its aging, etc.


Property management firm shaking things up at WA association

I have lived a condo of 12 units for 7 years. The top 6 units have always paid $15 more each month because they have one more bedroom, and a two stall garage.


Can real estate agents pay condo fees to encourage buyers?

Is it legal for a real estate agent to pay delinquent condo fees in order to get the percentage down and sell a condominium without the prospective buyer knowing about it?


Does WA association have to carry association insurance?

My condo association was built after 2007. From what I have been told by a Washington insurance agent, all condos built after 2000 in WA have to carry association insurance which is called walls in or studs in.


Question on condo reserve funds law in WA

What are the Washigton State laws re investment of Reserve Funds?

What are the best interview questions to ask condo board candidates?

To all the great posters on this blog I am looking for your suggestions of questions to ask candidates for a vacant board position.  Woodinville, WA


What is a Home Exchange and how does it effect HOAs?

How are HOAs addressing "Home exchange?" We are a small building with a No Rentals is our bylaws (passed unanimously) but now two home owners are participating in home exchanges. 

Can we have a remote board member via Skype?

We have a board member that is going away to school for nine months and wants to stay on the board and participate in meetings via Skype and email. The other board members would prefer that he resign and run for a board office when he returns. We could have him voted out by 67% of associations members but that seems like it could be very derisive for the community. We have tried reasoning with him as we believe it would put a hardship on other board members if he is not able to physically be here to work with the community. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to handle this. Thanks for you input.  Washington.

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