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Andrea Wasik

However, my question today is about the responsibility of the repairs due to the leak. I live on the top floor of the building, and every time it leaks, I put a bucket under the spot that leaks in my apartment to catch the rain.

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QUESTION - when asked by owners, can the resident managers give their opinion of candidates for the board, or must they be silent in their opinions. The problem is many ABSENTEE OWNERS HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON AND can very well believe a few owners who send out emails constantly.

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Special assessments had been split equally before we bought in, and we have been disputing this. To complicate matters, a unit owner expanded their livable space increasing their value and sq footage.

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My condo was destroyed by fire in December. No repairs have been done to date by the contractor hired by the board. It is located in Anne Arundel County, MD.

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I need a condo attorney to represent me at the mediation conference and at the arbitration court matter most likely to follow.

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I'm getting the run around with the management company in my condo. I'm the owner, and I requested monthly financial statements that I haven't seen for 2 years now. And still nothing.

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