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Board trying to start enforcing old rules from the 60's


60s-rules-in-condo.jpgWe own a small home in a very "loosely managed" property owner's association.

I just found out that they don't have any insurance that covers the owners, board, or common area which includes a pool and club house, etc.

Isn't it a requirement to have insurance?

They are also trying to enforce old (from the 60's) restrictions that haven't been enforced, disallowing anyone under 16 from living there.

The old restrictions also state that no unit can be sold to anyone under the age of 55. I am a REALTOR(R) and consider that a HUD violation as to discrimating against "Familial Status".

Over the last 20 years, I have sold units at least 4 times and this restriction was not enforced. I have even leased a unit to a couple who had 2 children.

They fought me, but after I mentioned that they could not discriminate against children, they backed off. Now, the board had an attorney send a threatening letter, demanding that she evict her tenant (her grandson and 4.5yr.old daughter) due to their old restrictions.

I don't want to participate in their discriminatory rules. What should I do?

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