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HOA annual meeting questions


My question is, regarding the annual meeting, where the community can elect people to the Board - I do understand that the management company sends out a letter to all owners, a few months ahead of time, with a resume to complete, if he/she would like to be on the ballot. There is a deadline by which it must be submitted; the mgmt then sends copies of all candidates' resumes (including current BOD members who wish to serve another term) to the community, so they may know who is desiring to help run their community. My question is this - at the meeting, are we required to "open the floor for nominations"? This has caused a lot of problems in the past, as persons who did not take the time to fill out their statement of candidacy, have simply raised their hand at the meeting and wound up on the Board. I do not think this is fair to the owners, who deserve to know something more about these owners who decide at the last minute to "hey, give it a try", and turn out to not be serious about volunteering and being able to work with others. Thanks; BTW, yes, I am the "lucky one" who gets to "preside" over the meetings!

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