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Not everyone loves their HOA community


I have written a few times on here about issues I’ve had as a condo owner of 2 years.
I was elected onto my board and I’m voluntarily doing some handy man things.

I rented a pressure washer with my own money and voluntarily washed off our very filthy walk way of the slippery mold and algae. I will be reimbursed for the machine rental. I do not expect payment for the pressure wash job.

Our resident trouble maker dysfunctional 30’s couple came along a few days later and purposely spilled filth and garbage everywhere on the shared common area walk way sidewalk he dragged a plastic bag filled with nasty trash. .
I got the intentional act on camera and an other neighbor here contacted them.

The neighbor told them that her children had stepped in the filth and she had followed the trail to MY condo where it started and she had asked me about it but I did not know anything about it until we reviewed the surveillance cameras and saw her husband appears to have trouble taking the trash with out spilling it.

It took over an hour for them to come outside to clean up the mess of rotten fish, rotting tomatoes and other filth. They did not remove all of the smelly trash. An other HOA member cleaned up some of the rotten vegetables debris the next morning. but the walk will need to be pressure washed again where bio waste has soaked into the concrete. My dog now wants to examine that spot.

I’m sure these trouble makers take great delight in causing havoc here.

The board members have drafted a letter of a fine and threats for more fines and also given them the option for a meeting to discuss the issue. The bylaws are quoted and used.

The most important part is that I’m not totally coming apart at the seems now. Because I have a group of nice people backing me up.

I feel guilty for being bullied here and asking people to defend me. I feel guilty because we may have a lawsuit or some other issues that come up. Or perhaps they will become aggressive with me. Which also is worrisome.

I’ve looked into restraining orders but in my state, it’s likely a judge will issue a “mutual no contact order” on both of us. I do not want a restraining order on my record. I work for a hospital in health care and that could cause work problems for me.

We will do one thing at a time.

Has anyone else had this type of thing happening?
We just want this couple to behave like adults. We don’t provoke them. I put up cameras after they threw mayonnaise on my front door. And did other nefarious acts.

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