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By CondoAssociation.com • March 17, 2018

How to handle nuisance issues with condo neighbors?

We are living in our condo as one of the first owners. Never had issues for 30 yrs. There were some foreclosures in our building that were drastically reduced needless to say the caliber of residents changed drastically. Our dues are low and condo is huge we are not moving. I have been reading our Docs, Condo Laws, Statues and our building is so out of compliance. No one attends meetings, I do and they are adjourned for no quorum. I voice my concerns lately and they are never addressed. I just filed a small claims case for no access to records. We were out of our condo from Dec. to end of Jan. because upstairs resident smokes weed , very strong weed at that. I called the authorities they apologized they cannot assist, CAM is friend's with the resident so he will not get involved.  Wife of Pot Smoker is on the BOD. Last night he smoked us out we have breathing issues and heart issues. The resident could care less as long as he gets hid. Extremely selfish. Anyone had this issue. I read about the nuisance law and found one case in my state.

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