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Repairs to interior of bulkhead fall under the homeowner Insurance?


This question is submitted by Herb M. out of Chicago, IL. 

I am an owner as well the President in a three unit Self-managed Condo Association. Two years ago an owner of a top floor condo who also has a roof deck accessed by a small bulkhead structure on the roof from above her unit, noticed water stains across the ceiling of that Rooftop access room. There is a skylight installed in the roof of the bulkhead that apparently leaked around the edges of the glass from worn caulking. I brought a roofer in immediately and he re-caulked around the glass and the leaking stopped. Now, one year later that owner decided to have the water damaged Sheetrock repaired and has requested me to authorize the repairs be paid out of our Reserve Fund. The association did pay for the roofer to repair the caulking on the skylight and to re-seal the entire roof of the bulkhead. Shouldn’t any repairs needed on the interior of that room fall under the owner’s personal Homeowners Insurance and not the liability of the association? This bulkhead in my opinion is not Common property and it’s certainly not integral to the structure of the building . What do you think? Thanks


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