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HOA neighbor's dog creates problems and board will not help


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My neighbor rents out her condo and her tenant kept a dog in his garage. The garage wall is shared with my living quarters. A fowl odor is coming into my home. He has since removed the dog, but my home still has the fowl odor and the garage has not been properly cleaned. The HOA is failing to follow declarations which state they have to send notices and fine the owner if they fail to clean up damages. The condo association property manager sent me a letter on behalf of the board telling me to file a claim with my insurance company. My insurance company adjuster said she needs to see visible damage.

Can I file an insurance claim against the Board for not following the declarations of our condo association in resolving resident issues? Do I have to hire an attorney or file in small claims against the owner or the board? How can I make the owner clean up her side including her drywall, shared wall and the damages to my property? Everyone keeps referring me back to my HOA and they are not doing anything to help.

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