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Chicago condo association president and owners fight over finance


I live in a very large condominium complex in Chicago, IL. Recently, a recommendation was presented to our board president to have a finance committee that would assist the board in our financial affairs. There were five homeowners who expressed interest in being part of this important committee.

However, at an open meeting in front of the homeowners, the creation of a finance committee was rejected with no explanation. Our property management became part of the discussion and literally told the homeowners that the decision was made and that a letter would be sent to the homeowners who wished to be on this committee. Well, no letter was sent.  In matter of fact, our property management made a point that the board president has the right to refuse creating any committees. A comment was even made from our property management "to stop beating a dead horse to death" to end the discussion.

I read some related articles in our local newspapers by a Chicago lawyer who specializes in condo law, who indicated that "the board of directors of the association collectively appoints committees. And that the board president cannot veto the suggestion of a finance committee. Generally, any committee that can assist the board in reviewing association issues is helpful and promotes volunteer participation in the community." I personally feel that the board president is threatened by the creation of a finance committee, and doesn't want any committee that would question a president's authority and power. Unfortunately, it would be very difficult to get a petition going, because there are over 440 units in our property, and many homeowners do not attend the open meetings. Is the board president's veto of a finance committee a violation of the Condominium Act of Illinois. It was obvious that the board president was personally against this committee the moment it was proposed at the prior meeting.

What other avenues are there; other than a petition, or voting the board president out of office, which would also be very difficult? This HOA board is a very powerful board. There are no committees. The board president feels that there is no need to have them. Any responses would be greatly appreciated! I am a avid reader of the CondoAssociation blog. Thank you.

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