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The entry door to the garage lets ALL the cold air in


This question is submitted by Mary S. out of Massachusetts

I live in a 55-unit condominium in Lynn, MA. Every unit has an assigned parking space. I am lucky and have a space in the garage under one wing of the building. Grateful for this benefit, but it creates a problem for the 4 units above the garage. The vehicle entry door to the garage is a roll-up metal grating that lets ALL the cold air in. The unit residents above the garage therefore suffer significantly from cold, both comfort-wise and on their electric bill. Our heating is electric. The ceiling above the garage has pink insulating batting. Is there anything we could do to get better equity for these 4 units? A closed door would risk carbon monoxide. Should we think of radiant heating in the floors of those units? Does anyone have any experience with this problem? I don't live in one of those 4 units.




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