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California law and condo ownership

How do HOA's treat owners/members interests in common area when a California condo corporation reaches it's 50th year of existence? The articles include a statement about the length of time it exists which is for 50 years and then the HOA can renew the agreement for periods of 10 or 20 years. What if the agreement isn't "renewed"? Is it possible some owners/members with units in part of the complex will be "deannexed" based on membership voting? Is there any advantage such owners would have if that occurred? I don't believe there would be but would like to know if there is an up side to this situation which I view as imminent in a complex that is now 44 years old, especially as some buildings are repeatedly receiving repairs and renovations and some are practically being deteriorated by the HOA board that simply doesn't allow any spending for those buildings other than the most minimal maintenance. As there is such a situation in California's statutes and the clause is seen in articles "exists for 50 years . . . " this must come up at older complexes but I haven't found anything written about how those continued if they did, and how owners were treated.

Where can I learn about the Sterling-Davis Act?

Our condo board would like to attend a seminar or classes that tell them what they are required to do under Sterling-Davis Act. Does the department of insurance or any other agency have these seminars. I don't want on-line I want in person.

Seeking HOA lawyer in California for financial issue

Seeking advice or new HOA lawyer specializing in collections in Southern California. HOA has a unit that hasn't had dues/assessments paid on it in almost 10 years. They tried to foreclose and sue early on. Obtained a judgment at that time, but the owners filed for bankruptcy and it was approved. The property was then transferred to an investment company. The investment company was forced into insolvency bankruptcy shortly thereafter and has since been owned by a bankruptcy trust for several years, with no end in sight. The unit continues to be rented and the trust continues to collect rent, but still no dues or assessments have been paid. The legal fees have racked up over the years, not to mention the HUGE outstanding dues/assessments.

Ugly antennas everywhere

After years of poor CCR enforcement, a proactive board would now like to turn things around. Satellite dishes, TV antennas and amateur radio towers are now unattractively installed everywhere.


Illegal elections, harassment by board in CA

Our new board president was added to his father's deed just weeks after the crooked new board held an illegal election, and now they are harassing the former board, who has had to have some of their friends and family arrested and get restraining orders on them.

Would board be liable if tree limb falls?

Will a board be negligent or liable for damage or injury if an extended eucaylptus tree limb falls from 75 feet, after the board refused to remove the limb because it might harm the tree?


Looking for a lawyer on an insurance case in CA

condo-lawyer.jpegI am looking for a lawyer, here in Los Angeles, CA who can help me out by reevaluating my case. It's been an ongoing nightmare dealing with 2 insurance companies (My own and HOA insurance)


Question on board liability for offended homeowner

A letter was sent out by someone who attended a monthly HOA meeting that stated issues about the board members and the way they reacted to each other.


Who is responsible for water lines in garages?

We live in a four unit condo. The water pipes go across our garage's ceiling towards the last condo and out to the city water line.


Keeping everything but the kitchen sink in garage spot

What are the standard policies concerning a common area shared underground garage?


Need an HOA Loan?

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