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Disorganized HOA meetings becoming a problem

Our small Condo in Maryland consisting of less than 30 units, holds annual/election meetings where Robert's Rules are not followed although they are called for in our Association's  bylaws and our Property Manager effectively takes over our meetings. This leads to sheer anarchy during our meetings, and to threats of adjourning our meetings and me being arrested when I try to get acknowledged by the meeting chair by using Robert's Rules and calling out Point of Order, Point of Information, etc. as allowed by our bylaws.

HOA annual meeting questions

My question is, regarding the annual meeting, where the community can elect people to the Board - I do understand that the management company sends out a letter to all owners, a few months ahead of time, with a resume to complete, if he/she would like to be on the ballot. There is a deadline by which it must be submitted; the mgmt then sends copies of all candidates' resumes (including current BOD members who wish to serve another term) to the community, so they may know who is desiring to help run their community. My question is this - at the meeting, are we required to "open the floor for nominations"? This has caused a lot of problems in the past, as persons who did not take the time to fill out their statement of candidacy, have simply raised their hand at the meeting and wound up on the Board. I do not think this is fair to the owners, who deserve to know something more about these owners who decide at the last minute to "hey, give it a try", and turn out to not be serious about volunteering and being able to work with others. Thanks; BTW, yes, I am the "lucky one" who gets to "preside" over the meetings!


I can't get minutes from our past HOA board meetings

For years, our management company has sent me copies of passed minutes of board meetings. I said something they did not like and now he refuses to send the minutes to me. Again, they are old and passed minutes. Is this a FOI issue? 


Why does condo association need a quorum at annual meeting?

Our new association manager stated at our recent annual meeting that our quorum requirement (33 1/3 percent of association members) could be based on members in "good standing", and delinquent members could be excluded.  Using this formula, she was saying we needed 27 members present to conduct business per our bylaws, not 33 as we have always required.  Can the quorum requirement be lowered using this type math?  Any comments?  

Are there special HOA meeting requirements in Maryland?

Is a Condominium in Maryland REQUIRED to have a Secretary to take minutes of meeting - such as an Annual Election Meeting - and if there isn't one present, are actions voted on invalid if you see what I mean.

HOA president threatens owners at meeting

Lawyer / HOA president has now decreed that no one is allowed to ask questions at HOA meetings unless they pertain to the minutes of the meeting. If we do, we fear being fined/sued.

Does condo president need to run board meeting?

At our condo annual meeting a non board owner presided over the meeting instead of the president, who was in attendance. Was this legal?

Can FL HOA members hold a private meeting?

Are we permitted to have a private meeting to discuss HOA problems?


Robert's Rules and condo board secretary requirements in IL

As per Roberts Rules of Order, does our HOA secretary have to enter the person's name and address when they ask a question at our meetings?


Are HOA annual meeting minutes public documents?

Are the minutes from the annual HOA meeting public documents?



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