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Who runs HOA meeting - manager or President?

What is the role of the manager during the community meeting? Does he run the meeting or does the HOA president.

How can HOA board meet in private?

VT law Title 27A: Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act chapter 3-108 Meetings, states that it the Board wants to meet all community residents must be invited.


Is HOA member entitled to board minutes?

Present Board recently authorized payment for repairs to fire damaged wooden deck (limited common area) claiming it was Association responsibility even though cause of fire was undetermined and condo owner had admitted to having had guest smokers on deck night before and believed cause to be that of smoldering cigarette that had fallen through decking. Owner is member of Board who presented claim and voted for approval at regular Board meeting. My request for a copy of Board minutes concerning this matter was refused. As an Association member, am I not entitled to a copy of the minutes?

Can HOA board meet in private then vote in new projects?

Can HOA board members meet privately and then ratify decision in an open meeting as a matter of standard procedure? Projects never seem to be discussed in an open forum (e.g., re-landscaping, a retaining wall, widening a driveway by taking some of the gardens away in front of units, etc.) 


Can the HOA board bar unit owners from meetings?

Can the HOA board conduct meetings and not allow unit owners to attend?

Can I be lawfully removed from my condo meeting?

At Board and Annual Meetings of our Condominium in Maryland I have been threatened with removal and arrest by our Association's property manager when I have used Robert's Rules such as "Point of Order" and Point of Information" in attempts to gain the floor.

Our meetings are held in a public library but they are not open to the general public.

Can I lawfully be removed from the meeting or arrested for my actions? And what recourse - if any - do I have?

Does HOA board need to disclose minutes to owners?

Is the HOA board required to show minutes for any Executive Board meetings?

Financial info withheld from condo board meeting minutes

Our condo association posts the minutes of the monthly board meetings on the bulletin boards in each of our 20 buildings. Can any part of the actual business conducted at the meeting be eliminated from the minutes that are posted, such as invoices that have been approved for payment? I've lived in this complex for 30 plus years, and the financial information has always been part of the posted minutes.


What makes a quorum for HOA executive session?

What constitutes a board quorum for executive session? Our board is 7 members however 2 have recently resigned.  If board holds an exec session meeting and need quorum (50%?) will that be 3 members (50% of 5) or 4 members (50% of 7). I could not find answer in either Condo Property Act or our By-Laws. Also I believe our By-Laws are quite outdated.


Voters change their minds about HOA bylaws

Special meeting is called to chagne bylaws, notices are sent out.  Now at that meeting some want further changes. Can that be done? What about previous notice, some probably did not attend and advised their proxy to vote in a certain way based on the info they received in the notice.


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