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How to get free HOA legal help in Florida?

I hope you can advise a horrible situation our condo is in with advising a solution as to where to go for assistance.

What does condo in a life estate mean to an association?

Years ago a prior board member was removed from board because she left daughter's name only on deed and became "life estate". She pays the real estate taxes and condo maintenance fees, receives homestead tax relief and now wants to rejoin the board. Does "life estate" meet the test of a "fiduciary"?

Can the government help us control our condo association?

Is there a government entity that governs condos? My condo board charges ongoing special assessments, 3 in two years so far. The first was for 4k and did not complete all they said (including replacing rotting wood). Is there anyone who can help with this? I moved in here years ago, new to condos and not realizing the immense control. When I bought the unit, they were almost 100k in the black, by the following year, almost 40k in the red. Other co-owners more involved, told me about the stealing. I cannot believe the government lets this happen. Now they have pushed two more assessments, claiming they are running out of money. I see the type of vendors they hire. It's really about Board members not being business savvy. That's not to slam anyone. It's just truth. I know some people, not me at the moment, who have a plan to get our current board out of office but the vote is middle of next year. In the mean time, they have and may continue to siphon so much unnecessary money. We are a 20 unit community. It just doesn't take all that and those who have large community networks, like me, are told to basically "shut up." It's horrible. I'll leave the community nameless as they are good at doing wicked things to people who don't value their lack skill and management. Thanks for any insight you can provide.


Are co-op laws for distributing information different than HOAs?

I reside in a co-op in Illinois. Since we fall under the Business Corporation Act, the interpretation of this law often falls upon an attorney for some topics that isn't addressed in our governing documents. Does anyone know the "standard" with private information, specifically distributing financials to all shareholders that details who paid and balances owed?


Should our HOA get FHA certification?

Is there any good reason for a HOA not to obtain FHA-VA certification? Several homeowners are all for it, and I'm pretty sure our HOA will qualify if we apply.

Condo association goes to arbitration with $20K in legal fees

Please answer the question below as it is most important and your response is greatly needed:

Any good books to understand how condo associations work?

After perusing the multiple blog posts and discovering how complex Condo Laws/Boards/HOA's are, I would just like to know what resources those of you with experience consider worthy. Resources that would make us better understand the Condo System. I recently came across "Escaping Condo Jail" (it had good reviews on Amazon). Can anyone vouch for that book? Any other recommendations?

What HOA reserves are needed for FHA loans?

Our HOA is comprised of PUDs. When a unit sells we usually get a form from bank regarding the amount of past dues. Some forms require input regarding capital reserves. 
I read that in order for a unit to qualify for government backed mortgages, FHA etc..., 10% of annual dues must be deposited in a separate bank account titled capital reserves.
I have tried locating the referenced HUD form 921 and the related rules regarding these requirements and that such requirements pertain to PUD  Can I get help?  TN

California law and condo ownership

How do HOA's treat owners/members interests in common area when a California condo corporation reaches it's 50th year of existence? The articles include a statement about the length of time it exists which is for 50 years and then the HOA can renew the agreement for periods of 10 or 20 years. What if the agreement isn't "renewed"? Is it possible some owners/members with units in part of the complex will be "deannexed" based on membership voting? Is there any advantage such owners would have if that occurred? I don't believe there would be but would like to know if there is an up side to this situation which I view as imminent in a complex that is now 44 years old, especially as some buildings are repeatedly receiving repairs and renovations and some are practically being deteriorated by the HOA board that simply doesn't allow any spending for those buildings other than the most minimal maintenance. As there is such a situation in California's statutes and the clause is seen in articles "exists for 50 years . . . " this must come up at older complexes but I haven't found anything written about how those continued if they did, and how owners were treated.

Owner wants legal action against HOA for nuisance

Can I take legal action against my condo HOA for not ensuring my quiet enjoyment by allowing the downstairs renters cigarette and Marijuana smoke to continually invade my upstairs condo? South Carolina

Need an HOA Loan?

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