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Is your condo association required to keep a website?

There are some states that require condominiums to create and maintain websites. Is New Jersey one of them?


200+ members in our new community so far!

Thanks to all of you who signed up so far!  Take a look

We added community forums!

We have added a new community forum, http://forum.condoassociation.com/ so community members dont have to wait around to ask their questions or get answers.  All questions should be directed to the forum.  It is segemented by location and topic.  Please register and we hope that you think its an improvement! 


Rules about Condo Associations using Facebook

It sounds simple to start a Facebook Page for a condo association but in Florida we have Florida Statues that govern what can and cannot be published about unit owners. Do you have any info on that? Also I would think that the association board would have to be the ones that would have to pass this at a board meeting by creating a committee to manage it. Do you have any info on that?

I'm thinking about starting a website for HOA owners

I'm thinking of starting a Owners-Only Internet communication group i.e. Website/Board/Forum/etc. Any input appreciated.

1) What's the best way to ensure/verify the person requesting access is indeed a owner?
2) what Software (WIX, Wordpress, etc.) is easy to use, low maintenance, has free secure-hosting and can be made secure for only authorized HOA user only?
3) Any other Legal/Security Concerns/Recommendations/Experiences appreciated.
4) Viewing examples of HOA-Condo websites appreciated.
Thanks in Advance!

Reviews of Condo and HOA Software

Want to help others by giving your opinion on Condo and HOA software that you are familiar with?


What's best way to keep condo association meeting minutes?

What is the best way to keep HOA and condo association meeting minutes?  Usually someone takes notes and then forwards them to board members in an email.  Is there a better way to share the minutes, maybe an app, software or something where they are kept like a historic record?


Looking for software to track maintenance and warranty records

My board is looking for software that will track all maintenance and warranty records for future repair needs.  As time goes by we don't want to pay twice for a repair that is a past vendors obligation.


How to make a free HOA website?

Has anyone been able to make a free website for their HOA development? If so where did you find it?

Any recommendations for condo association financial software?

We are self managed. I am an employee who does not sign checks, however I collect the dues and deposit them. We do not have software at this time, all our accounting is done by the Treasurer who is an accountant, however he uses Excel Spreadsheets to create the financials. I would like a data entry program that I can use to enter the payments, bills, etc. It would also be great help in tracking who has and has not paid their dues which is a challenge at times. Hopefully your company has an affordable software program that I can use.

Need an HOA Loan?

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