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How to re-allocate money in HOA reserves?

In Florida, what needs to be done to re-allocate money between items in the reserve? Majority vote?


Condo board needs fire prevention class

A multi-unit building in a large condominium community was a total loss from a fire. It has been suggested to the condominium board that a fire prevention presentation be given to homeowners to help prevent another fire. The board has ignored/refused the request. Are there legitimate reasons a condominium board would refuse to provide a fire prevention presentation to homeowners?

Florida HOA kills vegetation on common property

My HOA planted shrubs outside by unit window.  These shrubs have died because there is no irrigation.  Milkweed has grown in that area and there were caterpillars feeding on the plants. Florida is on the migration path for Monarchs and the milkweed is their sole food.  I came home yesterday and found that someone had pulled the milkweed--hence also destroying the caterpillars. Now I have only dead shrubs and dirt in front of my condo. I wrote a letter to the Board saying that if I had been notified, I would have been able to move the plants to help preserve the caterpillars.I understand that we cannot plant anything outside our units (even though many people have), so the Board can remove the plants. I feel the Board handled this poorly, however.  I am just venting because it is so hard for me to fathom that people can be so heartless and uninformed.

Is HOA responsible for sewage overflow between units?

I own the street front apartment (# 1) of a 4-unit HOA in Santa Monica, CA. Recently my (Apt # 2) neighbor's toilet backed up and the plumber did not clear the sewage line back from Apt # 2 to the alley, instead the plumber erroneously ran the snake toward the street and dislodged a cap to my new sink in a new kitchen cabinet. (My apartment is being renovated.).

Since I live out of town, the overflow sewage into my new kitchen sink and new kitchen cabinet was not discovered until several days later, when my Apt # 2 neighbor's sewage backed up again. Then the sewage overflow into my kitchen was discovered and I was notified.

I called a sewage mitigation company and requested clean-up and decontamination, which was done the next day.

Is the HOA responsible for this bill? I haven't read the bylaws, but previous plumbing work (e.g., recirculating copper for heater hot water) and rain damage repairs have been paid by the HOA.

Can we force foreclosure on abandoned condo unit?

We are a small association struggling with our operations due to lack of income stream. We have an abandoned unit, who’s owner moved overseas and left (6+ years).  Is there a way we can force foreclosure to initial a sale to save our budget?


Can parking space owner get an assessment?

I own a condo in a large building with the underground parking garage next to the building. The garage has a separate ownership and each parking spot gets its own tax bill and you can buy and sell them like property. The garage owners spots pay a monthly cost. Can board of directors place an assessment on the garage owners for work that is necessary and what needs to be done?

Can condo association be selective with their pet policies?

I am buying a condo in Wells, Maine. They will not approve my 6 lb dog. There are others here, much bigger than mine but they say that they are part time. Mine will be as well since I am not here in the winter. One of the other owners told me hers is here full time in the summer as well and weekends throughout the year. Can they legally pick and choose who they approve or do I have any legal recourse?


Property management co is demanding our HOA meeting minutes

The HOA board of our condo complex meets in a general meeting each quarter. All residents are notified of the meeting and minutes afterwards are disseminated to all residents and our property management company. We also meet monthly to discuss private issues of residents such as those behind in payments and resident on resident complaints and also our current vendor contracts such as gardeners etc. Our property management company is insisting on getting the minutes from the executive board meetings, we have never done that before we just informed them if there was action they needed to take from the meetings. We do not want to give them the minutes because we are discussing changing property management companies. Do we have to give the property management company our executive board minutes?


Condo association has no rules and no one cares

What would be the next step when the Condo Board does not listen to anything about your unit, when the sound of the elevator is heard, and people stomping up and down stairs.  My condo unit, (one wall), is right against these, and when my husband and I bought our unit we were told that it is sound proof?  Also next to our door is a pedway, where all the units have access.  We hear people accessing it.....as some of the steps are made of steel.  Also there is an office on the main floor, and we were told that they wouldn't have access to the pedway, (which is attached to a parkaide) and our building.  So the office employees stomp up and down the stairs Monday to Friday,  past our door, to access the pedway, after we were told by the builder, another gentlemen who owned the unit over us, (we think he had helped finance the building of this place), and our real estate agent.    I've sent countless e-mails to the condo board, which fell on deaf ears.


Are these HOA common elements?  They need to be repaired.

My mother’s condo association (circa early 1970’s) replaced part of the concrete slab floor of the unit above/ceiling or her unit in the Florida Room /Porch area. The Association has sent her a Bill to Remove and Re-install a portion of the windows in order to replace a portion of the slab. They had also told her that it is her responsibility to paint this area. Is this correct? I view this as they repaired a part of a common element, during that repair they removed windows necessary to access the slab, who is financial responsibility is that. Also her paint was removed who is responsible for that and other. Also carpeting, window treatments, and electrical fixtures were removed. Should not the Association be responsible for bringing the unit back to the condition it was in prior to their repair of the common element.

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