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Condo board needs fire prevention class

A multi-unit building in a large condominium community was a total loss from a fire. It has been suggested to the condominium board that a fire prevention presentation be given to homeowners to help prevent another fire. The board has ignored/refused the request. Are there legitimate reasons a condominium board would refuse to provide a fire prevention presentation to homeowners?

Condo board fumigates building.  How much notice do owners need?

Depending on state code or laws, a question for California HOA.  The board has decided to go ahead and have building service by a termite company.  They are doing this in sections - is there a time frame or amount of time that the board of directors have to notify owners when this will happen to their unit?  One owner's unlt was given a seven day notice to vacate unit for a minimum of three days. 


HOA criminal conspiracy to fleece owners?

I wrote to you recently seeking advice regarding the fraudulent seizure of our HOA by the "trusted" lawyer and a criminal syndicate who have controlled the BOD since 1993.  I posted a history of this on your site, 1/31/2014.  I received no response to my inquiry and wonder why.    During the past 5 years, I can find no lawyer or law enforcement/regulatory agency willing to discuss this....not one!!!  So, I reached out to you.

Investor buys six units in one condo building, gets six votes

Please advise if Board of Directors can allow ONE INVESTOR, who resides in Peru, to purchase SIX UNITS in our building to rent out; to have SIX VOTES without the approval from owners - not having the 2/3 vote of owners?


More condo association directors than needed!

Is there ever a time where a treasurer is not considered a board of director? Our Florida condo association documents say only five board directors allowed, yet six were appointed....the 6th was never elected and listed as the treasurer.

Advice: How to turn around a California HOA

If a property manager in California who is not a member of NARM or CAIM, has been ratcheting up her costs in budget while providing fewer and fewer services, and is a defendant in many HOA and property contract lawsuits over past ten or so years including a new one filed in fall of 2016 and is finally impossible to trust or believe, how do I get this info to the members?


Financial conflict of interest for HOA board member?

Would it be unethical for a homeowner to serve on the board of a property management association if that board member had received and still owed on a $150K on a loan he/she had received from another homeowner not on the board?

When can the condo association enter an owner's unit?

Under what circumstances can the condo association enter an owner's unit?  What right of entry policies need to be adopted by our condominium association to do so?

Can condo owners request to see association board emails?

Can condo owners request to see email corresponances of the board related to the business of the association?


HOA board not keeping up with property damage and repairs

At what point can an HOA board be held legally responsible for not keeping proper maintenance and upkeep?


Need an HOA Loan?

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