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Clarification needed on FHA requirements for condo associations

I am a retired Realtor and husband is President of our Self Managed Association of 52 condo's in Ohio. I was looking up info on number of rentals allowed by all mortgage companies for buyers to obtain a mortgage. 


Foreclosure and health concerns at Madeira Beach, FL condo association

I am on the board of my condo. One unit is in financial trouble and has a growing mold situation due to no AC running in the unit for 6+ months. 


Georgia HOA considers rental cap to increase financial strength

Our HOA here in Georgia will be voting on a rental cap with the ability of the HOA leadership to approve hardship leasing over and beyond that. We are closing in on approximate 35% rental units. 


Stamford CT new condo board president wonders about financial disclosure

I am a new president in the state of Connecticut and one of our former board members wants all the financial information. I told her that when I was an owner, and she was a board member, she told me I wasn't supposed to get that information.


Do Colorado HOAs require 10% reserves?

Do you still require 10% in reserves for an HOA. Wells Fargo is telling me you don't. Please confirm as they are my competition. Thank you.  Colorado

HOA completely ungoverned and in major financial decline.

Our HOA is responsible for plowing, street maintenance, insurance of community drives. Members refuse to pay 

What are Pennsylvania rules for condo association financial audits?

Condo development of 48 units (12 buildings) located in Pennsylvania. I'm looking for Pennsylvania's condo regulations on yearly financial audits or review. Being a relatively small development, yearly audits conducted by CPA's could be quite costly. 

Do liens go away with Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Georgia?

Are liens for condo fees dischargeable with the filing of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition in Georgia?

Condo association has outstanding lien against owner

There was an improper recording of an assessment lien against my condo that I thought might have been removed since the lawyer who put the lien on my condo said it wasn't a true lien. I didn't worry since I was not selling my condo and I had health issues that didn't allow me to take care of this. I just found out yesterday, 7/23/2015 when I received the records from a new management company that our association changed to ,on 10/24/12,  that the amount of money on the lien for over $3,000 was posted on the balance owed to the condominium association. While our condo had this management company, I never received one notice from them about owing them money and never knew it was possible to have a lien on my condo and still have the money on the books of a new management company who charged me legal fees and late fees that I was never advised of. I thought with a lien I wouldn't have to worry until I was ready to sell my condo. Can an board of directors have a lien on my condo that I truly dispute and also have the same amount on the books with a new management company. Even the old management company who was involved in putting the lien on my condo found out that the amount of money that the lien was for was a new management company. New Jersey.

Condo association secretary can't collect fines from violation notices

I am the secretary of our condo association, and have sent out several violation notices. The first notice is just a warning. Any violation notice after the first one, comes with a fine attached. We have owner's with violations that will not pay the fine. How do we collect these fines from them?  Tennessee


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