Should buyer of foreclosed condo pay past due assessments and fees?

When a buyer purchases a foreclosed property that has an association, is the buyer required to pay the the past due assessments?

Association board meets in private and does not furnish financial reports

Our Association's Board of Directors have informed some of our owners that they are not required to hold Quarterly Meeting even though our By-Laws state otherwise. Also, they say that they are not required to hold open meetings, so they have closed their meetings to Board Directors with the exception of the Annual Meeting. In addition, they did not furnish owners with year end 2014 Balance Sheet and a Income and Expense Report for 2014. Are these actions permitted under Ohio Law?

Can condo owner reduce or offset their monthly fees?

Can a condo owner offset their maintenance and/or special assessment fees?

HOA Behind in Water Payments, Additional Payments Required to Make Up for Arrears

I live in a HOA in New Jersey. We all pay maintenance fee which includes our water and sewer. We are in debt because of all those that aren't paying. Now they want us all to make an additional $900.00 payment to catch up! The people that aren't paying aren't going to pay this either.


Can New Jersey association do $25K project without vote?

In the state of New Jersey, does our association have the right to do a large project costing over $25,000 without a vote of the condo owners? A new member of the board told me they do not need a vote but I thought they actually needed a 3/4 vote to do a project. Also what is considered an emergency project? Thank you.

HOA board spending money faster than they can collect it

Our board of directors don't listen to the community and we have absolutely no control over what they do. They are now in the process of taking $8,000 out of our reserve to re-upholster 12 chairs in our clubhouse that just need a cleaning. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these chairs! They are also taking $3,000 out of the operating budget for custom window treatments for 6 windows! Several of us have tried to reason with them, but they won't budge. What can we do?  Illinois.

Can association "pay as you go" with assessments vs reserves?

I am a member of a 14 unit condo association in Ohio. We pay $175/month condo fee to fund very lean operations of landscaping, snow removal, and a bit of painting. We have ~$20K in checking and no reserve fund. The philosophy of the board is to assess owners for capital improvements/infrastructure. We're on the threshold of doing that now to repair/replace under ground storm drainage pipe that if left unfixed, risks flooding more basements and loosening foundations. Is a condo association in Ohio legally able to operate in this fashion or is there a good-faith requirement to fund some form of reserve fund?

Condo Owner Can't Sell Because Association Owes $40,000

I am trying to sell a condo and I have had trouble selling it because the association is $40,000 in the hole and mortgage companies don't seem to like that.  Can't these people get in trouble for letting that happen? 


Can association dictate condo buyer's financing deal?

Thinking of selling my condo in Clearwater, FL .  Can the condo association, control the type financing my buyer gets?  Example, buyer must have 30% down, regardless of what the lender agrees to.

Can owner claim condo fee as expense against income tax?

I just inherited 50% of a condo from a deceased relative and it has a special assessment every month for $201. The condo is currently rented out to a tenant. Can I claim the special assessment as a property expenses for income tax purposes?


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