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Can condo president mix personal and business?

I am the president for a condo association as well as a person who has been asked to manage the property such a paying for the utility bills and handling all common area issues. The dues are paid the the association. I have the restrictive covenants and bylaws for the association. Is this enough to open a new business checking account? I'm hesitate to apply for a Tax ID number because i don't want it to interfere with my personal stuff. Would I need to file taxes? Thanks for looking

Can HOA announce delinquent owners to the world?

Can the board make delinquent owners' accounts public knowledge in an effort of possibly shaming them into paying and helping others to have a real understanding of the condo association financials?

HOA cant get vendor to send invoice for large payable

Is there a time frame for a contractor that has done our lawn services to turn his invoices in to get paid. We have sent numerous certified letters, verbals conversations emails, and phone calls asking him to submit his invoices so we can pay him up to date. This is a large sum we are talking about and now the end of the year has approached and we have heard nothing from him. We did send a certified to him announcing we are no longer interested in his services for the next season. What else can we do other than pay him for what we think we owe him and then let him come to us for any amount he thinks we still owe him. Please only serious comments here.  Thanks. I am from PA and nothing in our by laws state what to do. Our management services is also out of options

Maryland condo association running out of collection ideas

I am on the board of a small 40 unit condo HOA in Maryland. We have accumulated HOA fees exceeding $98K. Almost one quarter of the owners are in collections with an attorney, however he is unable to really collect substantial past due amounts due to laws that prevent him from garnishing or collecting monies from exempt sources - Social Security Income, retirement income, disability income, etc... Recorded liens have been placed but we can not foreclose due to the significant drop in housing values. What else can our HOA or lawyer do

HOA considering their own bankruptcy

One owner refusing to pay dues since establishment of HOA ( Florida).  Has been in foreclosure but was recently was released and refinanced. We have liens and are considering our own foreclosure. What does this encompass and what are our responsibilities. Our funds are limited due to the economy.

Condo association financial IQ test: what are the "books"?

When you say "The books " what would be considered the books from the treasurer of an HOA or condo association? I am new at this and I need to make sure I have everything I am suppose to have!


New Builder Wants to Reduce Services to Meet Shortfall

We reside in a 55+ community in SC consisting of single family homes but much of the maintenance is covered by our hoa dues. Our development was recently sold to another builder to complete the build out (about 43 homes to be built).


HOA treasurer wont turn over the books after losing vote

Two months ago, our long term treasurer was voted off the HOA board. This individual has been inactive and negligent in his duties. He seemed to take it well and pledge to work with the new treasurer. However, when the new treasurer or other board members try to get the books from him and the have the accounts signed over, he either is too busy or schedules a time and place to meet, but doesn't show up. He won't answer his door when he is home or he leaves town for days on end. Through a series of missteps from two other board members who were voted off at the same time, he is the only signatory on all the bank accounts. We talked to the PM and they said the accounting manager would advise us, but they have yet to do so. Our lawyers said they'd send a nice letter, but this guy but he'll probably ignore it. Does anyone have suggestions on other options?


Can owner show the HOA tax returns to his accountant?

I am a member of a Florida HOA.  The official HOA financial records include tax returns. I requested copies which were provided under a cover letter saying the returns are confidential and cannot be disclosed to a third party. I wish to obtain an opinion from my accountant. Can the disclosure be prohibited by the HOA?


Condo association vs owner. Who pays for leaking air conditioner?

Following a pressure test it was determined that my air conditioning unit lines are leaking. These lines are under the condo. I'm told the lines will now be located up the side of the building above my neighbors ceiling and through their closet. Then the lines will continue through down my ceiling closet to the air conditioning unit. Who is responsible regarding cost to run AC lines up the side of the building and inside the structure? 



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