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NY condo needs association insurance funds to repair water damage

Under the loss payment provision concerning building insurance claim money received. In the condo in the five boroughs on NYC in New York. I am a condo owner without a mortgage that suffered a water casualty and the condo is unlivable.


Is there an HOA tax return to be filed?

Question about HOA tax returns.  We fall into this category and never have surplus (almost always have special assessments):

Can we force foreclosure on abandoned condo unit?

We are a small association struggling with our operations due to lack of income stream. We have an abandoned unit, who’s owner moved overseas and left (6+ years).  Is there a way we can force foreclosure to initial a sale to save our budget?


HOA accounting: how to record collection of old delinquent fees?

Our association has finally collected approximately $1,000 from the developer which is the net of unpaid assessments on his units, minus his 'out of pocket' expenses to our building, all from previous years. How do we count this money? Does it go into our regular operating account or do we put it into our Reserves fund? He is current on his units to-date.

Problems buying bank-owned condos with liens

My fiance and I are in the process of buying a condo in Florida.  We have been nearly approved for quite some time but have been waiting for the condo association president to send us the liability insurance information (he is not located in this state), his secretary (she is located here) has no idea who it is and it was left out of the master insurance when it was initially sent. The Condo association is made up of three people, The President, the VP and the secretary. 
This is a bank owned property--with a lien on it and the bank is paying the lien BUT that is not our business, that is the bank and the HOA (lien is to the HOA). Our Real Estate agent has called the HOA President multiple times because he is apparently the only person with the liability insurance information and he has demanded payment for the lien from her, hung up on her, and acted completely irrational and non-professional. She said first he will say he'll get this done immediately then demand the lien payment, start laughing and hang up, he will then call her back and start the process over, saying if we do not pay the lien we won't get the liability insurance (He has done this to us as well, when we have called). Is there anything we can do?
I am afraid this man is not of sound mind and we have no control over the bank paying the lien, they will not pay the lien before this man does his job, and who is to say he even sends it if they pay it before he sends the information?
We need to move out of our apartment, we have no more options. We've been ready for at least a month--packed, even bought new kitchen appliances because we had a final closing date. So this needs to be done quickly. I hope you can help.

Can HOA claw-back legal fees from owner?

As a Florida homeowner (current on all regularly assessed HOA fees) in a Homeowner's Association controlled development, I was recently the victim of a foreclosure action taken against me which has been voluntarily dismissed by the Plaintiff. My question is: can the HOA assess me for their "co-defendant" attorney fees? I can find nothing in the Florida Statutes nor in the HOA CC&R's or By-Laws that gives them these rights by law.

Should HOA debt from loans be carried over to 2017 budget?

We are getting the HOA annual budget ready for 2017. Shouldn't any debt be carried forward from the previous year?

How to build a HOA re-payment plan for delinquent owners

In our HOA, sometimes people who have fallen behind in their assessment payments want to develop a repayment plan. How long do you recommend that they be given to repay-- 3 months, 6 months, 12 months? Any other suggestions for succeeding with repayment plans? In a current case, the owner is several thousand dollars behind. She wants to pay several hundred dollars every month in addition to her assessment and pay off her back assessments in a year. Given her financial situation, I think she could make those payments.

Condo association has lien on unit.  What happens next?

Condo Association in Florida.  An owner in mortgage foreclosure and upside down in the value of the unit, abandoned the unit and owes over $6,000 in unpaid maintenance and assessments. We have a lien on the unit. She has executed a quit claim deed to the association and we have title subject to the mortgage foreclosure. What happens to the debt the owner owes the association.


Can owner withhold monthly HOA fees?

Can a home owner withhold monthly fees by placing them in escrow?

Need an HOA Loan?

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