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Help with condo reserves management in Ohio

We need clarification on Ohio Reserve law. We have been including in our budget the 10% required by Ohio law. Our treatment of this law is where we need some guidance. One owner I will call the adviser to the board, (can't be on board because condo is in his kids name, guides us on understanding QuickBooks and posting properly in order to receive the reports we need for community. We have just changed bookkeepers, causing somewhat of a disagreement on our board regarding the handling of the transfer.

Condo association tries rental cap to get bank loan

Our HOA here in Georgia will be voting on a rental cap with the ability of the HOA leadership to approve hardship leasing over and beyond that. We are closing in on approximate 35% rental units. The community has been around since the mid 1960's and the bylaws are very strict and very empowering of the HOA. The challenge we have is we are in a deficit and can not get bank financing by most financial institutions. However, we have identified only 1 bank that will with a 50% rental cap. However due to our reserves not being a certain percentage of our annually collected dues we are disqualified to go that route. Now, we are in a prime area and an under priced community so investors are buying units as soon as they hit the market. There is a cap on how many one entity or person can own but prior HOA and management companies failed to monitor the process to know.


Owner kicked out of condo over an overdue $44

My sister who is in her seventies, has owned her condo in Hinsdale Point Condominiums for over forty years. She was recently evicted for a $44 shortage that she was willing to pay if they had notified her. She was informed after the court filing. In out she told the judge that she was willing to pay the $44, but the judge said it was too late and ordered an eviction. She did not realize she was being evicted until the sheriff posted a notice on her door. According to the court records, this hearing took eleven minutes of court time for this decision.
This $44 was from a prior attempt to evict her. The manager said that she missed a condo payment about sixteen or seventeen years ago. My sister keeps good records so she asked what month and year the payment was missed. In court the judge set another court date for her to supply my sister with the month that the payment was missed. The manager supplied the records she had since 1999 and told my sister to find the month. The judge said it was incumbent up my sister who is a high school graduate to pour through this records and find the missed payment. My sister had all of her payment records for the passed fifteen years with her. So a 1999 month was a chosen by the manager and the judge ruled she had to pay a judgement for that month plus interest which came out to $2600 by a certain date. She made all her payment but she was sent a notice to appear in court again, she was informed that she was $44 short and ordered the eviction. My sister had an attorney through all of this. After she was evicted, she hired another attorney from a law school to appeal the eviction. The judge told her attorney that he fixed it so it could not be appealed.
I am seeking advise on how I can get my sister back in her condo.

Can association pick up the tax tab on abandoned condo?

Can a condo association pay the delinquent property taxes on an abandoned condo unit for an absentee unit to prevent foreclosure and the loss of delinquent condo fees and special assessments?

Should owner's HOA payment plan be charged interest?

I proposed a payment plan to my homeowner's association in the amount of $200 biweekly for 14 weeks for a total of a little over $2,800 in delinquent assessments. I was advised that I could enter the payment plan but the law office would charge $190 to draft the agreement and the association would charge me $74.45 per month in interest. This makes this a very costly plan nearly $1,000 in fees. What limits if any does Texas impose on HOA's ability to charge interest during a payment plan?

Are there accounting requirements for large condo associations?

What are the required accounting records that a Condominium Association that deals with multi-condominiums and has over 750 units to keep at all times? I would like a detailed list of all required records for accounting please.

Late fees for condo owner don't add up

I had not received my maintenance book at all last year.  The automatic payment was not adjusted to reflect the increase and when money ran out I was sent a letter advising me of the balance and a $25.00 late fee.  I paid the balance but not the late fee as it was not my error, it was the Management companies.  Other people had problems with getting their payment books not at all or late.  Now, we have a new Management company and they are charging me the balance transferred over from the old management company plus $25.00 a month each month if it is not paid.  This $25.00 was on my account since April of 2015.  No one sent a letter stating there was a new procedure that any balances would be charged $25 a month. 

Should HOA pay for eviction of non-paying owners?

Should Homeowners Association be permitted to initiate eviction against non-paying squatters?

Walnut, CA owners getting evicted from condo

My sister and I co-own a condo and fell short on our mortgage and association in 2010 due to layoffs and undue hardships. We tried to refinance and made several attempts to reconcile with the HOA. We made arrangements with the HOA to catch up and were able to for a while.


Is HOA president financially irresponsible with association money?

Our HOA president didn't get 3 contract bids for our lawn maintenance, which is in our condo docs.  The rest of the board goes along with it.  Also $18,000 was taken out of our statutory painting reserve which was originally voted on by our members and put into a contingent reserve by the board. Our buildings are in need of paint has been 25 year without.  FL


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