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Condo association has no rules and no one cares

What would be the next step when the Condo Board does not listen to anything about your unit, when the sound of the elevator is heard, and people stomping up and down stairs.  My condo unit, (one wall), is right against these, and when my husband and I bought our unit we were told that it is sound proof?  Also next to our door is a pedway, where all the units have access.  We hear people accessing it.....as some of the steps are made of steel.  Also there is an office on the main floor, and we were told that they wouldn't have access to the pedway, (which is attached to a parkaide) and our building.  So the office employees stomp up and down the stairs Monday to Friday,  past our door, to access the pedway, after we were told by the builder, another gentlemen who owned the unit over us, (we think he had helped finance the building of this place), and our real estate agent.    I've sent countless e-mails to the condo board, which fell on deaf ears.


Condo board and property manager do not follow bylaws

Who and what is the condo property management company responsible for? We live in a New York City condo where the property management company prefers to follow the direction of the board, who's wishes go contrary to the condo bylaws. Is the property management company liable at all for their actions?


Can we change bylaws so condo units can no longer be rented?

Can a condo association change by-laws to state that units can no longer be rented? We are a small self managed association having issues with renters and the homeowners don't help.

What are the condo rules and regulations in Illinois?

What is the name of the book for Illinois condo rules and regulations that I can purchase as a reference guide? Your help in this is great. A lot of your posts have cleared a lot of things up, but I need to know the Illinois rules.

How to get a copy of HOA bylaws?

How does one get their bylaws? Management gives to board, changes, etc., but not to unit owners, unless they pay for them.

Florida condo association not enforcing rules and regulations

Please tell me where I can find and refer to Florida condo law that states owners can force board members to carry out and enforce the declaration? By-laws and Rules & Regulations that are not being done.

Too many people occupying HOA unit

Our documents state that no more than three people per unit. We have a two bedroom condo. Recently we have discovered that there is a unit with four people living in it. The condos are not build to handle four people. The second bedroom is not big enough to hold large bedroom furniture. Its only good if the kids stay over for the weekend. Not permanent housing. Since I'm on the board I have asked our management company to sent notice to this unit that our documents state only three people can occupy the unit. The management company tells me that federal and state statutes says that four people can occupy a unit. They said we can send a letter but if they protest, we have no case. Who is right, Our documents that were drafted by the contractor and his lawyers or the state?

How to enforce condo association bylaws?

How does one go about enforcing the Condo Association Bylaws? I have copied and posted certain things and mentioned these things to owners/residences but have not had any response, just ignored.

What should someone pay for a copy of the bylaws?

What is a reasonable amount to charge for providing a copy of 70-page Bylaws when owner requests replacement of lost document? Selling unit.


HOA politics - can owner be lobbied by condo mananger?

Can a condo manager send an e-mail to a unit owner asking him/her to vote Yes on an item to be voted upon by all unit owners on an election?  Florida.

Need an HOA Loan?

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