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    Who's rule counts: the city or HOA?

    If the city and building department give an owner of a house of an HOA the permits of extending his drive way 20 ft when the HOA authorizes only 18 ft, is the city and building department above the HOA ?

    Condo owner ignoring bylaws and taking in renters

    I live in a four unit condo in Massachusetts. In our bylaws, it states that we are not allowed to have anyone move in with us; specifically, we can't rent a room. A few months back, we met to discuss a change in this to state that it was ok to rent a room with the approval of the renters by the other trustees.


    Bylaws do not allow owner to sue condo association

    I was fined by my association $1,500. I refused to pay the fine and was taken to court. The judge ruled in my favor the fine was improperly assessed but I paid $1,610 in legal fees. I was not awarded fees as the judge asked where in the bylaws it said I was allowed to sue for fees. The association is allowed to sue for fees but the tenants are not and I was denied. I assume there is a code or law which I could cite to file my motion to reconsider. 

    Does Florida Statute 718.113 supersede our Condo Documents?

    Our Association is making major changes to our Gathering Room and 7 Common Areas. Alterations are 9 new furniture items, new lighting Sconces, New Art works, new Library Cupboard and reupholstering existing furniture.

    Condo association has no rules and no one cares

    What would be the next step when the Condo Board does not listen to anything about your unit, when the sound of the elevator is heard, and people stomping up and down stairs.  My condo unit, (one wall), is right against these, and when my husband and I bought our unit we were told that it is sound proof?  Also next to our door is a pedway, where all the units have access.  We hear people accessing it.....as some of the steps are made of steel.  Also there is an office on the main floor, and we were told that they wouldn't have access to the pedway, (which is attached to a parkaide) and our building.  So the office employees stomp up and down the stairs Monday to Friday,  past our door, to access the pedway, after we were told by the builder, another gentlemen who owned the unit over us, (we think he had helped finance the building of this place), and our real estate agent.    I've sent countless e-mails to the condo board, which fell on deaf ears.


    Condo board and property manager do not follow bylaws

    Who and what is the condo property management company responsible for? We live in a New York City condo where the property management company prefers to follow the direction of the board, who's wishes go contrary to the condo bylaws. Is the property management company liable at all for their actions?


    Can we change bylaws so condo units can no longer be rented?

    Can a condo association change by-laws to state that units can no longer be rented? We are a small self managed association having issues with renters and the homeowners don't help.

    What are the condo rules and regulations in Illinois?

    What is the name of the book for Illinois condo rules and regulations that I can purchase as a reference guide? Your help in this is great. A lot of your posts have cleared a lot of things up, but I need to know the Illinois rules.

    How to get a copy of HOA bylaws?

    How does one get their bylaws? Management gives to board, changes, etc., but not to unit owners, unless they pay for them.

    Florida condo association not enforcing rules and regulations

    Please tell me where I can find and refer to Florida condo law that states owners can force board members to carry out and enforce the declaration? By-laws and Rules & Regulations that are not being done.

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