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How to enforce condo association bylaws?

How does one go about enforcing the Condo Association Bylaws? I have copied and posted certain things and mentioned these things to owners/residences but have not had any response, just ignored.

What should someone pay for a copy of the bylaws?

What is a reasonable amount to charge for providing a copy of 70-page Bylaws when owner requests replacement of lost document? Selling unit.


HOA politics - can owner be lobbied by condo mananger?

Can a condo manager send an e-mail to a unit owner asking him/her to vote Yes on an item to be voted upon by all unit owners on an election?  Florida.

HOA double standards?

If HOA board members are in violation of the covenant should they still be allowed to make a homeowner abide by the covenant

How does your HOA manage violations?

Homeowners have noticed over the past few years that management sees violations but does not report them into the problem resolution system. So the violations don't get resolved. It seems that management now expects homeowners to do all the reporting. While homeowners certainly do report violations, particularly if these violations are directly affecting the homeowner in some way, it seems as though management no longer sees this as a management responsibility. This turns homeowners into neighborhood "cops."

Examples of Easily Observable Rule Violations Management Ignores: Missing trash can covers; trash bags left outside of trash containers; deteriorating storm doors and window screens; parking violations; broken windows; window air-conditioners left in long after the date for removing them; filled, functional birdfeeders.

For violations that can't be easily observed by management, we understand that homeowners must take the initiative. But for easily observable violations? This has been brought to the attention of the board, but they ignore this concern. Other than running for the board, what can homeowners do?  New York.

Where do I get a copy of the HOA bylaws?

Where do I get an original copy of our HOA bylaws?

Over 55 community owners concerned about lawsuit

There is a pending lawsuit against our members by five members of the association. Our condo is an over-50 years of age condo non-profit association without any care facilities. We paid an entrance fee (1/2 transfer price) and supplemental amount (1/2 transfer price) understanding that these payments were an investment and would be returned to us with some modicum of growth upon transfer of our units. Our association has used those amounts as a security deposit to force residents to continue to pay monthly occupancy fees if we have had to move for health or other reasons. We are forced to pay monthly rent even if we die and the unit does not transfer, expecting our family to pay monthly dues till unit transfer. Our assn. has refused to return the entrance fee which is 1/2 of total amount paid if member leaves/dies without a transfer of property, often leaving families unable to close an estate. These are sizable investments for the members who need that money to purchase long-term care in another facility or a new home or move to be with adult children in another state. Our former management company set up those rules, and our Board and assn. members had nothing to do with that provision. However, the 5 members are suing our association asking for ALL fees to be returned to them with 5% interest from date fees were paid, reimburse attorney fees, pay 2 mos. rent in punitive damages, allow them to them to lease their units for 3 years, with the provision that they then may terminate this lease with 30 days' notice. Considering we all signed a transfer agreement that we would transfer our own units, and considering that our members are not responsible for these condo laws, what can we do to preserve our estates and not go bankrupt if their lawsuit prevails? Shouldn't the 5 members be suing the Management Co. who set up those provisions? My entire family is moving out of state and I want and need to be with them--I'm 82 years old. My unit is up for sale, but with a lawsuit pending, it's unlikely to sell. I can walk away and leave the thousands of dollars I've invested in our condo. I understand for a nonprofit organization, even in bankruptcy we won't get anything--it will go to another nonprofit organization. What can we do to protect ourselves from this lawsuit and from bankruptcy?

Ugly antennas everywhere

After years of poor CCR enforcement, a proactive board would now like to turn things around. Satellite dishes, TV antennas and amateur radio towers are now unattractively installed everywhere.


How can residents allow outsiders to participate as volunteers?

Our board decided that guests or outsiders from another community cannot participate or volunteer at events from another adult comunity.


Obnoxious elderly mother gets no love from board

For the past six years, my elderly parents have been treated unfairly by the board.



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