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Michigan condo association not enforcing bylaws

I am wondering what to do with an association that refuses to enforce bylaws, have meetings or take complaints.


Is there a standard form available to change HOA bylaws?

change-condo-bylawsIs there a specific form to have owners sign who are giving permission to change a rule/bylaw in the documents of HOA thanks.  Sebring, FL

HOA rules within Master Community regulations: Who to follow?

If there is more than one association within an associations how are rules and regulations and or bylaws regulated from one association to another so as to keep all thins fear and consistent?


California e-mail petition for special meeting has everyone confused!

During this email era, what is the proper way to submit a legal petition to the board requesting a special meeting - they have sent just a email with owner names on it and the unit number and reason - don't we have to have petition member sign or "email" the petition? Anyone can type in names in an email. Who do they present it to at the condominium and how long does the board have to act upon it? The first time they did this they presented it at a board meeting this troublesome group had an email from each owner but this time they just typed in owner names on an email It seems to me there is a legal proper way to do this otherwise the board and resident managers to be inundated with quarrelsome owners constantly. We are now asking our attorney but still waiting on answer - even they have a problem recognizing what is proper!


Houston TX condo dweller asks how to deal with brawlers above

woman-fighting-manWhat is the best protocol to report frequent domestic disturbances in a condo unit above us?


Hoarders are making life miserable for their neighbor in Palo Alto, CA

I'm in a 45 unit condo complex. My neighbors, with whom we share a common wall, have been storing rotting garbage on their patio for the past 13 months.

They are hoarders, and currently are breaking no less than 8 rules in the CC&R's. Their garage is packed with garbage also, and their entire property is infested with rats, which has spilled over to our property.


Can someone besides condo board secretary take meeting minutes?

The responsibility of the Secretary in a Condo Board is to keep the minutes (among other things). Can this responsibility be delegated to the Managing agent who is a professional?

How do we get our HOA board to follow the bylaws?

How do we get the board to follow the bylaws?

Are condo rules enforceable after developer goes bankrupt?

In our documents it states no rentals.  What if the developer of community went bankrupt, are HOA rules still enforceable? How do I find out if our road within the gated community is private.  Florida.

By-laws state association should repair foundation

I am a homeowner of a Condominium Community in Baltimore, Maryland. My home has experienced a water leakage problem, but this year the new manager refused to repair it. She said the foundation repair is not the responsibility of the association, but the association’s by-law assigns the structural repair to the Association. My question is 1). Does the foundation wall belong to structural part? 2) Is the foundation repair the association's responsibility based on by-laws?


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