Can someone besides condo board secretary take meeting minutes?

The responsibility of the Secretary in a Condo Board is to keep the minutes (among other things). Can this responsibility be delegated to the Managing agent who is a professional?

How do we get our HOA board to follow the bylaws?

How do we get the board to follow the bylaws?

Are condo rules enforceable after developer goes bankrupt?

In our documents it states no rentals.  What if the developer of community went bankrupt, are HOA rules still enforceable? How do I find out if our road within the gated community is private.  Florida.

By-laws state association should repair foundation

I am a homeowner of a Condominium Community in Baltimore, Maryland. My home has experienced a water leakage problem, but this year the new manager refused to repair it. She said the foundation repair is not the responsibility of the association, but the association’s by-law assigns the structural repair to the Association. My question is 1). Does the foundation wall belong to structural part? 2) Is the foundation repair the association's responsibility based on by-laws?

Association has unfair condo fee structure in place

I live in a 90-units townhouse condo association. The units were built in the 80's in three phases. As part of the condo bylaws, they structured the fees in such a way that phase III residents pay more than phase I and II residents. This is how the system works nowadays even though phase III has the most compact foot print and least number of units and landscaped areas. The law that was crafted 30 years ago requires 100% to alter the fee structure. Obviously, most of the early phase residents are so addicted to the quasi subsidy system that they do not want to see any change. We, therefore, continue to shoulder most of the responsibilities and get the least benefit in return. How do you see it from legal point of view?

Condo association may be assigning monthly fees incorrectly

I am considering running for the board of my Florida condo corporation but am concerned with how the board is charging units monthly fees. The declaration states that 1 bedroom units should pay 3.2% and 2 bedroom units 5.9%. The board has been using a formula that results in 1 bedroom units paying 4.3% and 2 bedroom units 4.7% for the past few years. I suspect this issue will become a problem in the next few months. Can you give me an idea of what to do? Thank you.


Condos with three person occupancy rules hosting nine people

We have a six unit condo (each person owns their own unit) and when the people moved in, they signed up for three people occupancy. Our rules and regulations say these are single family.  They now have nine people living there - Help!  Florida.

How do I get our new condo association rules and regulations?

Our Rules and Regulations were updated earlier this year 2015. When I moved in 27 years ago, I never received a copy of the Rules and Regs. To what do I compare the new edition?  I did receive a welcome packet. We have never seen a copy of our CC&R. Isn't that to be given to a new owner? Illinois


How do new CC&R's effect older condo owners?

Our HOA officers recently announced their intention to rewrite our CC&R's. Are any changes made to the CC&R's binding on condo owners who bought their units prior to any updates? I would think the CC&R's is a legal contract that can not be changed without the acceptance of owners who purchased their condo before the document was changed.  Indiana.

Must association committees make annual reports to members?

Are condo standing committees required to make an annual report to the general membership?


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