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Is HOA responsible for sewage overflow between units?

I own the street front apartment (# 1) of a 4-unit HOA in Santa Monica, CA. Recently my (Apt # 2) neighbor's toilet backed up and the plumber did not clear the sewage line back from Apt # 2 to the alley, instead the plumber erroneously ran the snake toward the street and dislodged a cap to my new sink in a new kitchen cabinet. (My apartment is being renovated.).

Since I live out of town, the overflow sewage into my new kitchen sink and new kitchen cabinet was not discovered until several days later, when my Apt # 2 neighbor's sewage backed up again. Then the sewage overflow into my kitchen was discovered and I was notified.

I called a sewage mitigation company and requested clean-up and decontamination, which was done the next day.

Is the HOA responsible for this bill? I haven't read the bylaws, but previous plumbing work (e.g., recirculating copper for heater hot water) and rain damage repairs have been paid by the HOA.

Can parking space owner get an assessment?

I own a condo in a large building with the underground parking garage next to the building. The garage has a separate ownership and each parking spot gets its own tax bill and you can buy and sell them like property. The garage owners spots pay a monthly cost. Can board of directors place an assessment on the garage owners for work that is necessary and what needs to be done?

Are these HOA common elements?  They need to be repaired.

My mother’s condo association (circa early 1970’s) replaced part of the concrete slab floor of the unit above/ceiling or her unit in the Florida Room /Porch area. The Association has sent her a Bill to Remove and Re-install a portion of the windows in order to replace a portion of the slab. They had also told her that it is her responsibility to paint this area. Is this correct? I view this as they repaired a part of a common element, during that repair they removed windows necessary to access the slab, who is financial responsibility is that. Also her paint was removed who is responsible for that and other. Also carpeting, window treatments, and electrical fixtures were removed. Should not the Association be responsible for bringing the unit back to the condition it was in prior to their repair of the common element.

Can we cover handicap parking spaces for the winter?

I live in a "private community"on Long Island. We have many Snow Birds who go to Florida during the winter. Can we cover up the handicap parking spaces that are not being utilized by these homeowners while they are away?  No one is going to park in front of their handicap spot and walk up the block to visit relatives.

Is tree stump common property to be removed by condo association?

Our condo association states our backyard decks are considered  limited-common property.  I have a tree that was here before these condos where even built.  The developer built my deck around the tree and the first 8 years or so it looked great.  Unfortunately, now it has become so large that the tree is lifting boards up from my deck and will only get worse than it already is.  I am also now concerned about the roots growing underneath my unit and creating even more damage.  After 3 years of complaining they finally had it cut down but only part way, it still protrudes above the deck so it is still presenting the same problem.  They claim it is my problem and my responsibility.  They trim all other trees in our development but say this one is my own responsibility.  This tree was here long before me or this whole development.  Who should be the one to pay for the removal?

What belongs in the association common areas?

I am requesting some feedback regarding two small flower pots right outside my lanai door, I am the only one who uses this lanai door leading directly to my car in front of my lanai.


Can developer sell handicap parking spaces to highest bidder?

Can developers sell handicap parking spots? Can they sell them to non-handicap people. My association has sold them to corporations and the rich.

Can HOA use lockboxes without owner permission?

Can an HOA put a lock box on your door with out informing the owner?

How to craft an HOA no-smoking policy

Has any HOA established a limited or no smoking policy within their community? How extensive is it and how did they do it. Ours is a 54 unit HOA.

Does HOA board have to pay to rent their own club room?

Can the HOA board charge the board a rental deposit to use to common area recreation room for a board event?

Need an HOA Loan?

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