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    Developer trying to control HOA board elections

    Our condo association will be transitioning to owners in June from the builder. There are still only 26 residences out of 52 proposed, the rest are empty lots. The current management company, sent us all a letter telling us we must vote in new dirctors that day. They are working for the builder who has control of the current board. Can we on our own, ignore their letter, set up our own vote if all agree and elect our board, and then tell them about it after the fact? Do we have to go by the letter they sent us and ballot attached? any info you have on the transition is helpful as we are all clueless thanks


    Owner of vacant lots not paying HOA fees

    We have a small HOA (5 occupied units to date) in Michigan, the developer resigned from being President at our last HOA meeting and nominated another homeowner (his “yes” man for some time) to fill his vacant position. We have 2 remaining lots that need to be sold, these lots are in his sons name of which he is not paying any dues on them. Our bylaws state that the developer does not have to pay dues until they are built on and the city has issued a “CoO”. These lots have been in his sons name for several years without any dues being paid (I’m sure it is because the ex- President was thinking he didn’t have to pay because he was the developer). 
    Because he is not a landowner/homeowner, can we collect dues from his son, whose name appears on the city tax rolls? The ex-President is a VERY unscrupulous, devious individual that likes to bully everyone and will go out of his way to make everyone's life miserable.

    Developer wont give up control of HOA

    I am in a 11 unit association. The developer sold four units but now refuses to sell anymore.  He keeps total control and banks will not finance purchases because it is over 50% builder owned.  He refuses to pay any HOA fees because he wrote a rule that he does not have too until he only owns one unit (he never will since he won't sell anymore). He uses the HOA account to pay all repairs for his units too, etc....
    A friend said he has to pay HOA fees if he does not have any units listed for sale? Is this true?  That would mean he owes over $100k in back fees and the rest of us will go to court.  We can put liens on his units and take care of this.  We are in South Carolina.

    How does HOA overide tyrannical President's veto power?

    We have a small HOA (only 5 homes with a possible 2 more to be built whenever) in Michigan. The developer is a very narcissistic, unscrupulous individual (that is putting it mildly) that just resigned his position as President. He challenges everything we want to do to improve our sub or our houses. Our HOA documents clearly state that he can veto any decision that we vote on. Because the two lots that are for sale (that is where the other 2 homes could be built) are in his sons name, therefore he has no voting rights afforded to him other than a veto for what we decide to do. With that being said, what course of action can we take to repeal/over ride his veto power? He is one that likes to bully everyone in the subdivision, it doesn't matter how the person is. I've had numerous disagreements with him to the point where he filed a complaint with the police department (that is why I'm not a board member). Because he's not held true to his proposal agreement when he wanted approval to build the subdivision, the city is looking at legal action against him if he doesn't adhere to what he agreed to almost 12 years ago. Have a great day, hope to hear from you soon, thank you.

    Is HOA owner-developer a one-man voting block?

    Can an owner-developer vote the number of units he owns (125) as to approve or waive the reserves.

    Does condo owner have right to new unit sales info in building?

    I own a unit in a 65 year old building that was converted from apartments to condos five years ago. There are still several condos for sale by the developer in the building. The developer does not share sales information with homeowners. It is as if it is a secret how many units are left to sell. My question is...as a homeowner do I have a legal right to sales information within the building?

    Condo conversions: when can we start collecting fees from owners?

    Is there a percentage of ownership before requiring condo fee's? My condo started switching the apartments over to condos. We have over 300 condos and only 34 owners...the other condos are renters or empty. How is this legal? On top of that, we don't even have a condo association board. This is my second year paying $144/month for water, sanitation and trash. The frustrating part is that the streets are messed up, trash is not being picked up on the grounds and we have more renters than owners. Please advise...I am ready to get all of the owners together but need more direction to do it the professional and correct way.

    How to transfer property to the home owner's association?

    In the process of transferring the condominium property to the home owner association, does the Declaration of Flexible Condominium supersede a previous Deed between the developer and property landowner. Should there be a Deed with the homeowner association? Both documents are on court record with the Deed recorded first and the Declaration following a few years later after development construction was near completion.  PA

    Is owner in CT obligated to allow contractors to install gutter heaters?

    I am paying a special assessment for ice damming repairs, including attic insulation, and heater cables in gutters. I already had my attic insulated. I don't trust the electric company installing the interior heater cable switch.


    Can FL builder prohibit solar tube installation?

    I live in a villa in Florida under HOA Statute 720.


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