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Legal for NH for bank to make HOA enter a 30 year maintenance program?

I am a contractor bidding a job against a larger company.


New Hampshire owner being fined for not returning signed receipt

Is it legal for the board and management company to fine me $25.00?

Supposedly, they sent all unit owners a certified letter for post office p/u and to sign re: drying vent company to inspect all vents.


Nashua NH owner wants a driveway extension over common area

We have a homeowner who is requesting a driveway extension up along his unit (side). (We are 34 separate units).


Condo owner's window sills need replacement. Is it common property?

I live in New Hampshire in 8 unit condo bldg of a condo community of 144 condo units. All are under the same B.O.D and property management company. In my condo, first floor, I have rotted out window sills. I contacted property mgmt company who sent out an employee to look at sills. 1.) Employee confirmed sills rotted out, (just looking at them outside) and mgmt would replace them at no charge. 2.) Employee also mentioned sills rotted out so badly the wall below them is basically rotted out to the bottom structure. Employee said that part is my responsibility to fix and pay for. My question is since it was caused by outside elements through the sills, wouldn't that be considered "outside my condo" By-laws due state "sills are responsibility of property mgmt company to replace and pay for". Nothing said in by-laws eg: this particular issue, but since it is outside like roof or gutters, etc fixed by property mgmt company, wouldn't this be applicable as well?  New Hampshire

Snowbirds ask for reduction on their condo fees

My husband has Parkinson's and can't tolerate the cold. So we spend eight months every year in Florida, and our New Hampshire condo is completly empty - using no water, sewage or trash at a monthly charge of $23.01  We had asked the board for an six month reduction but were denied.Is there any ruling on this issue?

Is HOA board election required if only current members are running?

We are an HOA community of 23 townhomes in New Hampshire.  There are five members on the board of directors, and members serve two-year terms once elected.  There are three open seats this year, and yesterday was the cutoff date for owners to announce if they were going to run.  The only candidates running are those current board members whose terms are expiring.  Are we required to hold an election?  Thanks in advance.


How does each state regulate property managers differently?

I'm interested in finding how each state regulates the HOA /condo association property managers?


HOA has problems with personal landscaping on common property

We have 23 townhouse units. While being built the builder gave three of the owners the ok to "plant a few flowers" in the mulch bed in front of their units. Our associations bylaws that we all signed state that all landscaping in the common areas have to be done by a professional landscaper. We have one. The three homes look awful with the over abundance of flower, pots, decorations etc. They refuse to stop and we have sent letters, had a special meeting etc. To no avail. Now one of them just planted ferns in front of electric box. What can we do without having to hire a lawyer. We were going to have a stone drip edge installed by the landscaper somehow rain dripped off the roof it would not splash the mulch on the siding but one of the three offenders stated he would kill anyone who touched his property. He cannot get it through his head that it is not his. It is common land Thanks in advance


Gas grills and condo association common areas

I'm in New Hampshire.  A former Board replaced a gas grill which had rusted out. The Board voted to suspend use of the new grill during winter months, and asked for a show of hands from the owners present at the annual meeting. The grill is used almost exclusively by one owner year-round, and he was furious saying that the former Board had no right to limit use of the grill because it was here when he bought his condo and it is part of the common areas. The new board agreed with him and overturned the vote of the former Board and the show of hands vote of the owners. New board feels that because the old Board acted erroneously, both their vote and that of the owners became a moot issue. Who is right?


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