What are the regulations for HOA board re-elections in North Carolina?

I'm part of the Board of a Homeowners Association. We would like to know what are the regulations in North Carolina for re-election of the board. Can we request secret ballots?


Tenant's Dog Gone, Odor Remains In My Home

My neighbor rents out her condo and her tenant stored a dog in his garage. The garage wall is shared with my living quarters. A foul odor is coming into my home. He has since removed the dog. My home still has the foul odor and the garage has not been properly cleaned.

The HOA is not following the declarations which states they have to send notices and fine the owner if they fail to clean up the damages. The property manager sent me a letter on behalf of the board telling me to file a claim with my insurance company. My insurance company adjuster said she need to see visible damage.

Can I file an insurance claim against the Board for not following the declarations of our community in resolving resident issues? Do I have to hire an attorney or file in small claims against the owner or the board?

How can I make the owner clean up her side including her drywall, shared wall and the damages to my property? Everyone keeps referring me back to my HOA and they are not doing anything to help.

-Marie in NC


Who has cheap phone line solution for condo buildings?

Here in North Carolina we are required by law to have a dedicated phone lines for the fire alarm and elevator along with a backup phone line to fire alarm. With three buildings that is nine business lines.  Any suggestions on alternative, more cost effective solutions?


Condo owner questions Board requirement on property insurance

I am a member of a North Carolina Condo Association.  Can the Condo Association require that a condo unit owner put the name of the Association on personal property insurance (as with a mortgage company)?

This is not in the Declarations or Bylaws, and our Board of Directors has a tendency to make up rules as they see fit, without taking a vote from the condo owners.  We provide to them a copy of our insurance policy, but they do not have a right to that money anyway.

If I am responsible for damage, then my insurance will cover it.  I don’t feel the Condo Association has any right to the money in the same way a mortgage company would.  Am I wrong?


HOA Board member billing inappropriate expenses to the HOA

For the second time this year, a member of our HOA Board has submitted expenses for items that were contrary to responsibilities for the HOA. For the first expenditure, the Board admonished the member and included an explanation of why. For the second expenditure, the member will be asked, with the approval of the other Board members, to return the monies to the HOA.

Based on my four-year history on the Board with this member, they will undoubtedly refuse to return the monies. A motion will then be entertained to excuse the person from office, without cause (our Bylaws permit this), for the remainder of their term, which is at the end of this month.

I have reviewed Robert’s Rules and have not found an answer to this question. How can we prevent this person from nominating themselves at the election next month and not allow them on the ballot for at least one year?


How can condo association cost effectively run emergency phone lines?

I am a member of a North Carolina condo association, and have a question regarding condo unit emergency phone lines. We are required by law to have dedicated phone lines for the fire alarm and elevator, along with a backup phone line for the fire alarm. For three condo buildings, that is a total of nine business lines.

Does anyone have suggestions on alternative, more cost effective solutions?


How does each state regulate property managers differently?

I'm interested in finding how each state regulates the HOA /condo association property managers?


What does HOA do about delinquent homeowner falling further behind?

We have a delinquent homeowner has no job getting farther behind. What are options in North Carolina?  We have followed all rules about warning, late charges, interest charges, etc. She has promised regular small payments, but has not made them. We know she hasn't much money, but she doesn't pay small amounts from what she has. We have told her we will file a lien, but haven't. What are the legal ramifications for that?

Property manager has bad financial reporting to condo association

Our North Carolina-based condo association has had a new property management company for 6 months. The financial records they send to the board each month are VERY hard for any of us to figure out. Lots of abbreviations and very little actual information, as far as I can tell. Maybe an accountant would be able to figure them out, but we're not accountants. We have asked them for invoices, so that we can at least match checks paid to what work was actually performed, but they are balking at this. I'm spending way too much time every month asking follow-up questions, and then it's like pulling teeth to get a clear answer. Any suggestions?

Board is withholding condo association insurance claim from owner

Board President deposited a settlement check from the Condo Association insurance claim month ago for a claim I submitted to the Master Policy. He delays paying me the several thousand I was awarded and the money is not in escrow but is in an income account. He stalls claiming the Condo Association Insurance documents are confusing to him although the Insurance representatives have explained it serveral time and have sent him a 30 documentation. The Insurance Company can not do more. I tried reporting this matter to the NC Real Estate Commission who said it is out of their jurisdiction. Is there anything I can do .. other than hire a lawyer I can't afford. The President seems to be enjoying my frustration.


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