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Can North Carolina HOA owner screen-in their porch?

I wanted to allow my indoor cats on the porch. I scoured the governing docs for rules about screening it. There are none. I put up nylon deer netting as a nearly invisible way to contain the cats. All was well until a new HOA President was elected. Now, I've received a violation letter saying it is a health hazard and unsightly. The letter does not meet the criteria clearly described in the governing docs. I have obtained letters from the County Heath Department and the Fire Marshall stating the netting is not a health hazard. The HOA governing docs don't define "unsightly," nor do they give the Board the power to do so. The HOA Board President has given me 4 days (5 days from the date of the improper violation letter) to remove the netting. The docs say I must receive a properly executed violation letter, then have "not less than 10 days" to contest in writing, then a hearing must be scheduled. Only then, can any sanctions be levied. At my eventual hearing, I plan to debunk the "unhealthy" claim with the letters from Health and Fire Departments. I plan to fight the "unsightly" claim by asking the Board to present me with any complaints from fellow owners, names redacted. (There aren't any.) Is there anything else I can do? North Carolina

North Carolina HOA owner up in arms over housing authority takeover

I live in a condo that originally had one completed building fully occupied, and another partially built. The housing authority purchased the both buildings, built two additional buildings, and 8 of the 12 original owners did short sales to move.


Tree in Lincolnton NC damaged HOA structure - who removes?

A tree on County property in NC has roots which have damaged a structure on the HOA common ground. We want the County to remove the tree as we cannot repair the structure with the tree in play. Who should remove the tree?

North Carolina condo owner has big questions for their association's board

Our condo association board thinks they have the right to make all decisions such as hiring ofmanagement company and hiring service providers, yet they do not understand they have a fiduciary obligation to owners and that owners are the ones to vote for a new management company.


North Carolina radon alert! HOA unit over the limit. Who's responsible?

We live in a condo building in North Carolina with 35 units. One condo owner did a radon test and it was found to be slightly higher than the limit considered safe. No high radon reading has been found in the common areas. Whose responsibility is it to remediate the unit - the owner's or the HOA's?


Teeth For Collection Policy

Our HOA is not shy about applying a lien and then foreclosing on a condo for failing to pay assessments. What we find difficult to collect are the one time late fees of $20. Currently we are considering a revision to our Collection Policy adding more teeth or sting for anyone not paying the fee.


Greensboro Housing Authority buys condo building and charges owners

I purchased a new condo 7+ years ago. 8 of 12 owners did short sales after Greensboro Housing Authority purchased the building that we lived in and an incomplete building

What are the regulations for HOA board re-elections in North Carolina?

I'm part of the Board of a Homeowners Association. We would like to know what are the regulations in North Carolina for re-election of the board. Can we request secret ballots?


Tenant's Dog Gone, Odor Remains In My Home

My neighbor rents out her condo and her tenant stored a dog in his garage. The garage wall is shared with my living quarters. A foul odor is coming into my home. He has since removed the dog. My home still has the foul odor and the garage has not been properly cleaned.

The HOA is not following the declarations which states they have to send notices and fine the owner if they fail to clean up the damages. The property manager sent me a letter on behalf of the board telling me to file a claim with my insurance company. My insurance company adjuster said she need to see visible damage.

Can I file an insurance claim against the Board for not following the declarations of our community in resolving resident issues? Do I have to hire an attorney or file in small claims against the owner or the board?

How can I make the owner clean up her side including her drywall, shared wall and the damages to my property? Everyone keeps referring me back to my HOA and they are not doing anything to help.

-Marie in NC


Who has cheap phone line solution for condo buildings?

Here in North Carolina we are required by law to have a dedicated phone lines for the fire alarm and elevator along with a backup phone line to fire alarm. With three buildings that is nine business lines.  Any suggestions on alternative, more cost effective solutions?



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